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2021 Federal Election


On September 20, Canadians will elect our next government. Any party that wants to lead our country will have some big questions to answer. How can we recover from the pandemic in a way that leaves no one behind? How can we tackle the crises of climate change and biodiversity loss before it’s too late? How can we support our communities through a just transition to a green economy? This election will be a chance to vote for leaders who will do more than just talk. It’s an opportunity to have our voices heard and demand a future where everyone living in Canada can thrive.  

During the Nova Scotia provincial election, EAC called for no more B.S. and we’re doing the same for the federal election! Canadians deserve more than empty promises and outdated ways of thinking about the environment and our economy. We deserve true leadership and transformative change. We deserve courage from decision-makers and a better future for our families, our communities and our country.  


No more B.S. Let’s demand better from our federal candidates! 

What do we mean by no more B.S.? Aside from the obvious, we simply mean no more Bad Stuff! No more Big Subsidies to corporations that erode our democracy and threaten the environment. No more Bad Stewardship of the natural spaces we love and rely on. No more Burning Stuff like fossil fuels and large-scale biomass. No more Bad Salmon farming threatening our marine ecosystems. No more Backwards Systems that fail to take care of our communities. Let’s demand better. Let’s raise important issues at the door and talk to our friends and family. Let’s vote for candidates who will commit to building a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone living in Canada. No More B.S.


EAC’s four demands 

But this election is about more than what we don’t want to see. We need to put forth a vision of a better future and ensure that the voices of Atlantic Canada are heard in Ottawa. If we want a chance at building a better future, we need immediate, ambitious and concrete action. We’ve put together four demands that we feel will ensure a better future for our communities, our provinces and our country.  


Bold Climate Plan

  • Canada needs to reduce domestic emissions by 60 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 in order to protect our communities and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. This means investing in renewable energy, ending fossil fuel subsidies and creating ambitious, science-based climate targets.


Resilient Communities

  • In an increasingly unstable climate, our communities need to be adaptive and resilient. In order to get there we need to invest in supports for farmers and fishers to reduce their GHG emissions and adapt to a rapidly changing climate, active transportation and transit, a universal healthy school food program, coastal adaptation and low-impact and regenerative seafood practices.


Healthy Ecosystems

  • To ensure a livable and sustainable future, we need to do more to protect the ecosystems we all rely on. This includes establishing urban national parks and a Canada Water Agency, governing the aquaculture industry fairly across Canada, strengthening seafood traceability regulations and meeting Canada's commitment to protect 25 per cent of marine and coastal waters by 2025 and 30 per cent by 2030.


No One Left Behind

  • We must ensure that all our communities are given the support they need to thrive, and that we all benefit from the transition to a green economy. This means creating thousands of good, green jobs and a just transition for workers, updating environmental decision-making processes to include a race-equity lens and ensuring all federal laws are consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).  



Additional Resources 

1. What to ask at the door 

The results of the 2021 federal election will set the tone for environmental action at the local, regional and national scale for years to come. This election season you can help make climate, biodiversity and environmental justice top election issues and ensure that Atlantic Canadian voices are heard at the national level. 

This toolkit is designed to help you as a community member or representative of a community organization to engage your candidates on top environmental issues. Follow the link below to check it out! 

Click here or on the image above to download the What to ask at the door document.


2. Federal Part Survey on Environmental Platforms

Want to know what the major federal parties have to say about environmental issues? Click here to see a survey on the environment sent to each party. This website is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to support or oppose, to promote or show disapproval of a platform, or to endorse or reject a party or any measures recommended by it.

3. Click here for briefing notes and other resources to help inform your vote!


4. Tell party leaders and your local candidates that this year, you'll be voting for the environment!

This federal election will be pivotal in determining the future we want for our families, communities, and planet. We are facing a climate and biodiversity crisis and it's time our decision makers acted like it. We need a government that we can trust to act on climate and address the systemic inequalities that perpetuate environmental racism and harm some of Canada's most vulnerable communities.

Click here to send a message to federal party leaders: let them know that this election, you'll be voting for the environment! 


100 Debates on the Environment

On Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 6:30 p.m. we'll be hosting an online all-party debate in partnership with the Ummah Masjid And Community Center as a part of 100 Debates on the Environment. The debate will be an opportunity to hear parties' positions on critical issues related to the climate and biodiversity crises.

Register here to receive the zoom link. The debate will also be streamed live on our YouTube
Can't make it? We will be posting the recording once the debate has been completed. 

Moderated by Joan Baxter, author and journalist with Halifax Examiner

Featured candidates: 

Andy Fillmore – Liberal Party of Canada 
Jo-Ann Roberts – Green Party of Canada 
Lisa Roberts – New Democratic Party of Canada  

Cameron Ells of the Conservative Party of Canada declined our invite due to a scheduling conflict.


EAC is a non-partisan organization and the information provided is intended to inform all voters and stakeholders. 

Click here to read about 100 Debates on the Environment!