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50 Things Field Trips!


Do you enjoy art, craft, music, and creative expression? Are you wowed by the thought of 50 years of environmental activism? Have you downloaded the 50 Things app, but haven’t found the time to actually go see all this fabulous artwork?  

You’re in luck! We are organizing a series of field trips for EAC members, friends, and staff to experience some of the 50 artworks that have been created all over the province in celebration of EAC’s 50th Anniversary. (Learn more about the 50 Things project here!) 

Join a carpool or a bike ride to enjoy the artworks and the stories as a group. Space is limited, so make sure to register yourself and your friends soon to save your spot! 

We’ll have a carpool meetup spot for those who live in the city, and a local meetup spot for those in the local area to join in.

Please note that all participants will be required to show proof of vaccination and a piece of ID, in accordance with the new provincial regulations. Proof of vaccination is required for all "indoor and outdoor events and activities like receptions, social events ... that are hosted by a business or organization." 



Follow the links below to learn about each route and to register for one of the dates!

Saturday, October 16 - 9:45 a.m. - South Shore



  • Bring water, snacks, and a picnic lunch for the longer trips 
  • Wear comfortable shoes for walking, and dress for the weather. Bring layers. 
  • Please wear a mask while sharing a vehicle or in indoor venues, and practice physical distancing throughout the trip 
  • Download the app at http://ecologyaction.ca/50Things while you’re connected to Wi-Fi, before leaving on the trip! 
  • Bring a set of headphones for the audio pieces 
  • Read the descriptions of each field trip below, and follow the links to register.  


Contact Farrah Stevens at farrah.stevens@ecologyaction.ca with any questions you may have. 



There is a wide variety of "Things"; visual, audio, video, text based and tactile art. Each "Thing" has an introduction within the app which includes notes on the accessibility of each piece and location. This intro is available for people to view before heading to the locations.  

General Accessibility Info: 

  • All videos have subtitles 
  • All audio includes transcripts 
  • The app is compatible with screen reader software 
  • All 50 locations are wheelchair accessible, with one exception that is specified in the app's accessibility intro 
  • A "not-so-secret" website version of the app is coming soon with which people can access all the art from home or a public computer 


For any questions about accessibility, please email info@zuppatheatre.com.