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Adapting to a Climate in Crisis - Free Webinar

In the final conversation of our series on Mobilizing for a Just and Sustainable Future, we'll be exploring climate adaptation. Even with the best and most ambitious plans to reduce our emissions globally, we will still experience the impacts of our destabilized climate. In fact, we're already beginning to experience it. Knowing this, how can we care for our communities as we move into this future? How do we ensure food security and access to clean water? How do we protect those who are most vulnerable in our society?

Join our panel of community experts as they discuss these important questions. Then, use the things you learned about to call for a strong, well-resourced climate adaptation plan that leaves no one behind!

Date: Tuesday, June 29th
Time: 6:00-7:00pm
Location: Zoom

Auto-generated captioning will be available during the event.

Our speakers:

Brianna Maxwell (FBM Architecture | Interior Design | Planning) - Brianna is an urban planner with a passion for socially and environmentally sustainable communities. Building on her thesis "Exploring Homelessness, Vulnerability, and Climate Change in HRM" through the School of Planning (Dalhousie University) in Spring 2020, Brianna has since completed the Nudge Global Leadership Program where she ran community-based Systems Mapping Workshops aimed at discussing how the impacts of climate change overlap with poverty and homelessness day to day.

David Greenberg (Abundant Acres Farm) - David is an organic farmer at Abundant Acres Farm with over 20 years of experience running a market garden and CSA (community supported agriculture program).

Tina Yeonju Oh (No One Is Illegal Halifax) - Tina Yeonju Oh is a Korean immigrant that grew up in Alberta, where it took her family over 13 years to gain permanent residency status. She is a grad student at Dalhousie and a migrant justice organizer for No One is Illegal-Hfx. She is also a former member of the Canadian Youth Delegation to three United Nations climate change negotiations —aiming to pressure Canadian governments to standards of climate justice & historic reparations. Oh was featured by CBC as “13 Canadian environmentalists and innovators changing Earth for the better” and named Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 by Starfish Canada.

Moderator: Erica Butler

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