Adaptive Actions Webinar 2020 | Ecology Action Centre

Adaptive Actions Webinar 2020

On June 18th, staff at the Ecology Action Centre shared an update on their work and how it has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Anika Riopel, Welcoming Wheels Coordinator (08:41)

"Pedal Through the Pandemic" Initiative - In the wake of COVID-19, transit-dependent riders in HRM were left with little choices to get around. As a response, the EAC and our partners launched the “Pedal Through the Pandemic”, an initiative to put bicycles in the hands of people who need them. Hear more about how we combined creativity, volunteer capacity and community support to bring the program to life and the positive impact it has on our communities.

Kelsey Lane, Sustainable Transportation Coordinator (35:32)

Safe Streets and Temporary Infrastructure - The recent pandemic has tested the resilience of our transportation systems. As a result, communities around the world have had to change the way we think about movement of people. Learn about how HRM is adapting our streets to make it easier for people to walk, bike or roll and what this moment has taught us about how to build back a better transportation system in the future. 

Aimee Gasparetto, Senior Coordinator (1:03:32)

Community Food Local Food Security and COVID-19 - In recent months, COVID-19 has surfaced many vulnerabilities in our food system and increased both the significance and urgency of community food security. Learn how EAC is working with Halifax Regional Municipality and others to address food issues across the region and apply our learnings to build a better food future for HRM. 

Karen McKendry, Wilderness Outreach Coordinator (1:26:23)

The Benefits of Nature in This Unprecedented Time - A growing body of research is demonstrating measurable health benefits from spending time in Nature. Are you getting enough of this "Vitamin N?" Karen will share some fascinating findings on how your time outdoors is changing your body and mind, for the better.


Originally aired live on Zoom and on the EAC Facebook page: