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EAC Seeking Artist-In-Residence

The Ecology Action Centre is now accepting applications for our 2019 Artist in Residence program. 

We are seeking a local artist from any discipline to create an installation or performance for Nocturne 2019, and at our Perfect World fundraiser event during the lead-up to Nocturne.  

EAC is interested in working with an artist to explore the 2019 Nocturne theme of SCAFFOLD from a climate justice perspective: 

What would it look like to create structures and spaces that are safe, accessible, and sustainable in a world whose climate is increasingly precarious? 

(See https://nocturnehalifax.ca/news/2019/nocturne-2019-scaffold for a full description of this year's theme.) 

We are looking for artists who are open to collaboration and to incorporating ideas, input, visions, voices, hands, and hearts of community members, EAC volunteers and supporters – either in the process leading up to the events, and/or at the events themselves.  


Perfect World: 

  • September 22nd, 2019 at the Wooden Monkey Restaurant in Dartmouth 
  • EAC’s annual ticketed fundraiser – about 150 attendees 
  • Themed around imagining an ideal future, or a Perfect World 
  • The live artist (you) provides one element of the event, along with 5 chefs and a musical performance. 


  • October 17th, 2019 at the Ecology Action Centre  
  • EAC will apply to participate in Nocturne 2019 as a community group to host an interactive installation in our community boardroom at 2705 Fern Lane 

Each event can build on the other: we imagine Perfect World as an opportunity to do a prototyped, smaller version of the work, to gather data, ideas, or input from event attendees, or otherwise do preparatory work in the lead-up to Nocturne. Nocturne is the primary focus of the residency. 


We will choose a project that: 

  • Imagines a just and sustainable future, in alignment with EAC’s values and vision 
  • Is inspiring and engaging 
  • Incorporates interaction and collaboration in its process 
  • Is clear and achievable 
  • Is family-friendly 
  • Uses eco-friendly and/or recycled materials, as much as possible 

We intend to centre the voices of Mi’kmaq, African Nova Scotians, and other BIPOC artists, and priority will be given to applications from members of these communities.  

Funding & Support:  

The residency includes a stipend of $2500, which would cover artist fees and materials. We would expect around $500 to be used for materials and around $2000 as an artist fee; however, the exact budget breakdown would be flexible. 

EAC will also provide volunteers and other support as necessary to assist in the creation of artwork, materials, sets, props, or any other preparatory work. 

We are not able to provide dedicated space for preparatory work, but our space may be used for periods of time as needed. 

Location Specifics: 

The first floor of our building is designed to be universally accessible. We have a ramp at the front entrance with automatic door openers, a permanent ramp to the back door, a stair lift in the foyer between the split levels, and an accessible gender-neutral washroom. There is a good turning radius for wheelchairs on most of the first floor.  

Our community boardroom located on the first floor and is 290 sq.ft. There are 4 tables, which are very adaptable and can be set up in a number of different ways or moved out of the space entirely. This room is filled with natural light and features a beautiful salvaged floorboard feature wall and a large sliding door made from rescued Roy Building doors.  

We also have a kitchen with a sink, fridge, stove, table, stainless steel countertop, and dishwasher. 

To Apply: 

In your application, please share: 

  • Name and contact information 
  • A statement that outlines your art practice (what you do, how you do it) 
  • Your project proposal for Nocturne, and for Perfect World (your idea, what you are planning to do, materials needed, goals) 
  • How you plan to invite collaboration from community members and volunteers. 
  • Documentation of your previous work (website, social media, images) 
  • Two references, including how they are connected to you, and contact info 
  • Any support or needs you have for success within the residency 
  • CV, artist statement, bio, or articles about your work, letter(s) of support (these are all helpful, but not required) 

Please submit your application by email to Joanna Bull at joanna@ecologyaction.ca.  

Deadline: Monday, July 22nd, 2019 


Applicants will be reviewed and selected by a 3-person panel consisting of an EAC staff member, an EAC volunteer or community member, and member of the arts community. 

We will contact you by Friday, July 26th to confirm if your project has been selected. We will collaborate with you on our application to Nocturne, which is due on Wednesday, July 31st, using the information in your initial application as a starting point.  


Please contact Joanna at joanna@ecologyaction.ca or call 902-412-9055 with any questions you may have.