EAC applauds land protection around Brigadoon Children’s Camp | Ecology Action Centre

EAC applauds land protection around Brigadoon Children’s Camp

EAC is giving an enthusiastic “thumbs up” to the provincial government today for purchasing and protecting the forest and lakefront lands surrounding the Brigadoon Children’s Camp (www.brigadoonvillage.org) on Aylesford Lake in the Annapolis Valley.

“The mental and physical health benefits of spending time in nature are well known” says EAC Wilderness Coordinator Raymond Plourde. “Brigadoon provides camp programs and nature-based experiences for children and youth living with chronic illnesses.  Frankly, it is an outstanding charitable organization doing important work, helping kids just be kids under difficult circumstances and making beneficial connections to nature”. Unfortunately the land around their camp was owned by Wagner Forest Management, a rather ruthless “land management” company from the United States well known in Nova Scotia for brutal clearcutting and hiving off lakefront properties for development. “The provincial government was right to step in and purchase the lands around Brigadoon in order to ensure the integrity of the natural environment that surrounds it. Generations of kids will benefit from the purchase and protection of these lands”.

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