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Nova Scotia Needs New Climate Goals

If we’re going to tackle the climate crisis, we need an ambitious plan — strong, measurable goals to take action, create jobs and leave no one behind.    


Until recently, Nova Scotia had no legislated climate and environmental goals past the year 2020.   But after hundreds of Nova Scotians emailed the province asking for strong, measurable climate goals, and more than 10,000 people marched in the streets of Halifax in support of the student-led climate strikes,  the province  introduced legislation  that  will  enable  Nova Scotians to set  new and updated  environmental  goals. 


The  Sustainable  Development Goals Act was introduced in October 2019. It  includes  a  legislated GHG emissions reduction target for the year  2030,  legislates net zero emissions by 2050,  and  commits to a new  climate change plan to be developed by the end of 2020.

The  Act also set out a requirement for  public consultations in 2020 to  inform the  development of new targets for things like  renewable electricity, energy efficiency, clean transportation, local food, wilderness protection, waste diversion and  more. 

Unfortunately, 2020 has passed with little action from the province. No public consultations, no regulations, no climate plan.

It is crucial that public consultations are rescheduled and held in early 2021. While the Act is a great first step, more needs to be done to ensure Nova Scotia’s climate goals are strong enough to tackle the worst impacts of the climate crisis


Nova Scotians are already experiencing the impacts of climate change. Strong, measurable climate goals are our best chance at addressing the climate crisis, creating thousands of jobs and strengthening the green economy in a way that ensures no one is left behind.   


The province has signalled they’re ready to listen to Nova Scotians  calls for action on the climate crisis,  and work toward building  a sustainable, just and prosperous Nova Scotia.  Now let’s make sure they hear from us. 


Here’s how you can help us keep the pressure up and ensure Nova Scotia gets new, ambitious, inclusive and bold climate goals. 

  1. Sign up below to stay in-the-loop for developments on Nova Scotia’s #ClimateGoals – we’ll also let you know when in-person consultations are happening in your area.  

  2. Join our #ClimateGoals  volunteer team.  Dozens of you have stepped up to help further the call for strong climate goals, and it’s making a big difference. Email Joanna if you’d like more information on joining our team of climate goal activists.  

  3. Ask for in-person consultations in your area to ensure our goals are ambitious, inclusive, and based in justice.  Contact your MLA via phone or email here:  

  4. Support our work  as we continue to  take action  for the environment.  There is still much work to be done. According to the IPCC report, we have just 11  years to curb catastrophic, irreversible climate change.  We have a long road ahead. With your support, we can create lasting change in our communities and beyond.  

Here are a few additional resources you may be interested in as you prepare for in-person consultations: 

  • The recently announced Sustainable Development Goals Act includes a legislated climate target of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 53% below 2005 levels by 2030. This is currently the most ambitious GHG reduction target in Canada, but is still insufficient. Click here for an in-depth background document on GHG emissions targets.

  • The Ecology Action Centre has drafted 19 Goals to Advance the Environmental and Economic Wellbeing of Nova Scotia. Read them here




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