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Adapting Atlantic Canadian Fisheries to Climate Change

New Report: Adapting Atlantic Canadian Fisheries to Climate Change

Adapting Atlantic Canadian Fisheries to Climate Change

February 2013

The Ecology Action Centre's new brochure for fishermen and fishery workers in Atlantic Canada is intended to initiate discussion on climate change, its effects on the fishery and options for adaptation.  As a complement to the brochure, a blog page at has been set up to initiate discussion among fishermen, fishery workers and scientists.

The brochure demystifies the scientific literature on climate change and its potential effects on the fishery. In particular how expected stressors will affect our marine species and the fishing industry:

  • increasing temperature,
  • reduced salinity,
  • a decrease in oxygen,
  • increased acidity (ocean acidification),
  • less sea ice and snow cover and
  • rising sea level and storm surges.

The brochure also touches on other stressors on the industry more or less directly connected to climate change (bait shortages, increasing fuel prices, decreasing profits and government cutbacks). The fishing industry has a history of adapting to change and, examples of adaptation measures, taken by organizations such as the Gulf NS Fishermen’s Coalition, are featured.

What can fishermen do?

A few recommendations are outlined, most important are:

  • Conservation – reducing stress on resources will ensure their survival through this period of change.
  • Observation – fishermen know their resources and their environment intimately, they are in the best position to observe changes.
  • Join the discussion on the blog to inform and stay informed!

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