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Arts Centre and Provincial Sponsors save a trip around the equator in emissions!

Volunteers and staff of the Ross Creek Arts Centre, and the van that will help them reduce emissions

October 15, 2009

Canning, NS - Through a unique partnership with Michelin Canada, O'Regans, the Ecology Action Centre and Conserve NS, the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts has significantly reduced emissions and pollution equalling a trip around the equator, in just 5 weeks.

The collaboration allowed the centre to take possession of a 15-passenger van to transport SummerArts campers, artists in residence, volunteers and actors from Two Planks and a Passion's off-the-grid summer production of Rockbound. Reducing car traffic on local roads and reducing emissions such as CO21, Nitrous Oxide2 and particulate matter3 are some of the strides Ross Creek is making towards becoming a greener facility.

The numbers are impressive:

  • The van's CO2 emissions are less than 1/5 of individual car traffic: 1,942KGs for the van compared to 13,131KGs for the equivalent in car usage.
  • Total distance traveled for the van was 6939KMs compared to the staggering number of 46,896KMs if cars had been used for this transport.
  • This represents an almost 85% reduction in kilometres travelled or roughly one trip around the Equator.

Making the centre environmentally sustainable and responsible is one of our primary concerns." says Executive Director Chris O'Neill, "Our tracking of the van proves that working together with the corporate sector and government, we can make huge strides to produce immediate benefits for the environment and the community."

Van transport to Ross Creek also makes the property accessible to campers on the bursary program. For arts-oriented youth who can't afford the costs of camp, the R.J Owen Bursary Fund allows selected recipients to experience the programs, artists and facilities at Ross Creek through bursary support. The van allows the Centre to take that one step further by offering free transportation to the camps for those on the bursary program.

"The van was very helpful to us," says Jillian Allen, a parent of a summer camper, "It saved me money in terms of gas and it also cut our travel time in half. Robbie really enjoyed travelling on the van because he made friends along the way." The van is integral to Ross Creek and will continue to reduce traffic, emissions and travel time for years to come. O'Neill is looking to add another van to the fleet to continue to increase the number of people who can carpool to the centre in the next year.

Ross Creek's other sustainable programs include their off-the-grid theatre performances which rely on the Centre's natural lighting and 186 acre landscape to produce their shows, geothermal heating and cooling, and a vegetable garden on the property that fed over 900 individual meals to campers, staff, visitors and artists this summer. The Centre is currently looking for other businesses and partners interested in helping to make the Centre fully sustainable and off-the-grid. Solar power, composting toilets, renewable building material and environmental design assistance are all part of the Centre's near future plans to creating an arts facility that inspires and fosters not only creativity, but sustainability.

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