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Carsharing is a drive yourself pay by the hour alternative to car ownership.

Interested in choosing carsharing as a sustainable mode of transport?

Consider the following for the best vehicle sharing experience:

CarShareHFX members will enjoy benefits that come with carsharing, the flexibility and the savings, environmental and cash-in-the-pocket, and freedom from car owner's hassles.

CarShareHFX membership is open to qualified individual drivers. There are accounts for individuals, households, businesses and organizations. Member-drivers will have 24-hour, 365-day, paperwork-free pay-by-the-hour access to a fleet of vehicles – mostly ecology-friendly compact sedans with a sprinkling of minivans and other vehicles – stationed conveniently around the city.

Carsharing is easy to use. Members book the vehicle they want for the time they need, reserving it on the website or by phone, a year ahead or just five minutes before they want it (if it is available).

They go to the car in its exclusive parking space, the on-board computer recognizes their CarShareHFX smart card, knows their reservation and unlocks the car. When they return the vehicle to its space the computer messages the office with details of the trip.

Members are billed, insurance and fuel included, for the hours they booked and the distance they drove. One bill for everything 'car' (excepting parking tickets of course).

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