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EAC praises designation of new Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area

Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area

October 25, 2011

EAC praises designation of new Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area

Ecology Action Centre is applauding the provincial NDP government for its designation today of Nova Scotia’s newest protected Wilderness Area. The Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area, located on the Chebucto Peninsula on the outskirts of the city of Halifax,  is now permanently protected from industrial development and will remain “forever wild” under legislation for present and future generations of people, birds and animals to enjoy and carry on their life processes.

The Ecology Action Centre, along with local champion groups the Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Heritage Trust and the Woodens River Watershed Environmental Organization, have led a decade-long effort to see this important area legally protected. The new, 8,600 hectare Wilderness Areas contains a series of pristine lakes, wetlands and small pockets of remnant old growth Acadian forest. It is also home to several rare or endangered species including a small herd of the endangered mainland moose.  

 “Today is a big day and we are thrilled to see this important conservation achievement reached,” states Raymond Plourde, Wilderness Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre. “This is the first new Wilderness Area nominated and designated by the new NDP government and they deserve high praise for bringing this one home.  A lot of people have worked very hard over many years to see day come and the missing ingredient was always government leadership. Today that leadership was delivered in spades and we offer enthusiastic “hats off”  to Environment Minister Sterling Belliveau, Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker and local MLA and Minister Bill Estabrooks who were all integral to making this happen.”  

“The government have been doing a lot of  groundwork to move forward on a number of new protected areas across the province,” adds Plourde. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some more big announcements in the very near future as the Province moves forward on the commitment to reach at least 12% land protection by 2015”.

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