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Get your community moving with Green Mobility

One of last year's Green Mobility successes

The Green Mobility Capital Grant funding program was designed to assist towns, municipalities, band councils and community groups to create community-based sustainable transportation infrastructure in Nova Scotia. The program started in 2008 and ran until 2011.

During the four-year program, we had a total 0f 61 applications and funded 30 mobility grants. The total amount of funding for active and sustainable transportation distributed totaled $375,746.45, and the total amount leveraged to support active and sustainable transportation in Nova Scotia was $1,428,767.

Past recipients showed impressive results including:

  • a dramatic 85% reduction in kilometres travelled by the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in Canning during one busy 5 week period
  • an increase in the active transportation of both youth and staff at the Cape Breton Libraries in Louisbourg, Baddeck and Ingonish
  • a reduced sense of isolation for seniors in Isle Madame served by Strait Area Transit, and much much more. 

A few more accomplisments include:

  • Number of projects which included the construction of bike racks: 15
  • Number of projects supporting accessible, rural, public transit: 8
  • Total number of metres of bike lanes, multiuse trails and paved shoulders funded by the Green Mobility Grants: 19,365
  • Total number of share the road signs erected: 150

Case Study: A new accessible bus for Le Transport de Clare

On November 20, the community of Clare, Le Transport de Clare and the Ecology Action Centre celebrated the purchase of a new, accessible and fuel-efficient bus.  EAC has contributed $25,000 toward the new vehicle through the Green Mobility Capital Grants program.  This program is funded by EcoNova Scotia for Clean Air and Climate Change (through Conserve Nova Scotia). 

For 15 years, Le Transport de Clare has been moving people around rural Clare and beyond through their dial-a-ride system.  Rural transit systems combat isolation, promote independent living, boost the local economy and remove vehicles from the road leading to measurable greenhouse gas reductions. 

(Image: EAC's Thom Oomen with members the community of Clare, NS, in front of the recently purchased bus)

Green Mobility Grant - 2008 Recipients

Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation was granted $5,532 to install eight bike racks (for up to 40 bikes) and 21 Share the Road signs in Bridgewater as part of the Bridgewater Active Transportation Initiative.

Halifax Regional Municipality was granted $22,000 to support the construction of 2.6 km of paved shoulder bike lane, and the installation of eight bike lockers and one bike rack in Tantallon. This infrastructure will connect area residents to the rural express transit service terminal scheduled to open in June 2008.

Healthy Parrsboro and Area Committee was granted $22,000 towards the purchase of a 15 passenger van for the Cumberland County Not-for-Profit Transportation Society’s planned non-profit bussing system to link communities in Cumberland County.

Judique and Area Development Association was granted $1,828 to install 10 bike racks (for up to 40 bikes) and eight  Share the Road signs in Judique. This infrastructure will compliment the 18 km of multi-use trail in the area and serve instead of additional vehicle parking spaces at their weekly Village Market.

Pictou Regional Development Commission was granted $22,000 toward the Pictou County Bikeways Project. These funds will support painting 10km of the 26 km of bike lanes planned as urban commuter paths within the towns in the area. It will also support creating a bike-able trail link into the town of Pictou.

Strait Area Transit Cooperative, serving Inverness, Richmond, Guysborough and Antigonish Counties, was granted $25,000 to contribute to the purchase of two vans and one bus as part of their new community-based transportation service. The service is designed to be safe, affordable, accessible and environmentally friendly.

Town of Pictou’s Recreation, Tourism and Culture department was granted $5,140 to complete construction of a 165m pedestrian link from a high-density residential area to the Pictou Elementary School.

Town of Wolfville was granted $12,500 to construct a one kilometre crusher dust surfaced multi-use trail as part of a planned comprehensive walking trail network throughout the town. The long-term vision is to connect with the planned Kieran Pathway which will link Grand Pre-Coldbrook-Berwick Corridor in Kings County.

Trans County Transportation Society serving Annapolis and Kings Counties was granted $22,000 towards the purchase an additional wheelchair accessible van to increase efficiency and availability of their community-based transportation services.

Green Mobility Capital Grant Recipients - 2009

Annapolis County Recreation Services: $17,365 for their Share the Road Campaign. They will install 120 share the road signs and 12 bike racks on designated bike routes throughout the County.

Town of Berwick: $9,500 for a solar bus shelter with bike rack. This bus shelter for Kings Transit users will have lighting powered by a solar panel, and will be constructed using local materials and labour to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cape Breton Regional Library: $1,595 for bike racks and signs at three rural libraries.

Cape Breton Regional Municipality: $24,478 for infrastructure to support public transportation in the smaller towns around Sydney. This will include: 12 bus bike racks, 18 bike bollards, and a transit shelter in Glace Bay. This infrastructure will help people who want to ride a bike to the bus stop or ride a bike one way and take the
bus on the way back.

Chéticamp Economic Council: $10,374 to make Chéticamp bicycle-friendly. Bike racks, share the road signs, and bicycle lanes will soon be part of the town. This project will create an incentive for local residents to shift their transportation patterns and ride bikes instead of driving cars.

Dynamite Trail Association: $25,000 for a 4 km trail upgrade, part of a 10 km trail near Mahone Bay. This trail will have a safe surface for those challenged by mobility issues and will provide a viable, alternative transportation route to the local amenities in
Mahone Bay.

Kings Paratransit Society (KPS): $25,000 for an accessible mini-bus. KPS is a community-based transportation system that offers point to point service in Kings County. They have a client base of seniors, persons with disabilities, and others in need. They also plan to offer feeder service from outlying communities to connect with the Kings Transit system.

RECAP (Route Enhancement Committee of the Aspotogan Peninsula): $4,368 for installation of locally manufactured bike racks at 10 key locations in the Hubbards area.

Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and Kids Action Program (KAP): $25,000 towards the purchase of two 12-passenger vans. This project is a partnership between two organizations in the Canning area that want to increase access to their youth programs and reduce individual car trips.

Town of Springhill: $2,030 to install bike racks throughout the town.

Strait Area Transit Co-op: $3,600 to help purchase bus bike racks and bus shelters for the local transit system, a 26 passenger bus and 2 accessible vans serving 4 local municipalities, recently launched in October 2008.

Town of Truro: $11,600 for on-road bike lanes and the installation of bike racks throughout the town. Residents of Truro have not felt safe cycling in the town and have very few places to park their bikes.

Green Mobility Grant Recipients - 2010


Annapolis Royal Bicycle Project
The community of Annapolis Royal has set a target for 15 percent of the transportation mode share to be allocated to cycling. To achieve this, the town realizes that appropriate networks and infrastructure must be available. The project links trails, provides bike racks, and other active transportation infrastructure elements with the widespread support of the community.
Amount granted = $14 900

Bridgetown Bike Racks
The project proposes installing bike racks at four prominent locations throughout the community that emphasize cycling as an option for commuting and activities of daily life. The installation of the bike racks will support and encourage residents to cycle to work, to shop, to connect to buses and to visit the library.
Amount granted = $1 260

Bridgewater Bike Lanes
The community wants to mark 1.6 km of highway as shared bicycle space. This involves and extensive public relations campaign to increase the comfort level of both motorists and cyclists to the new arrangement.
Amount granted = $6 635

Canning Cycling Infrastructure for Bigelow Trail
This project puts bike racks on either end of the Bigelow Trail, which will join three schools to the rest of the community. Though Canning is a community in which it would be easy to depend on automobiles, the village is taking steps to facilitate the development of an active and healthy community.
Amount granted: $1 029.45

Guysborough County Bikeways Project
With the support of all four districts, the regional development agency cycling subcommittee proposes a plan to increase the transportation options available to the community. Cycling will be promoted as an activity for life.
Amount granted: $18 715

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg Bicycle Friendly Community Infrastructure
Recognizing the desire for more active transportation, MODL proposed an extensive network of bike racks. However, rather than deliver the racks as one more thing for municipal staff to deal with, the racks are being delivered in cooperation with local businesses.
Amount granted: $5 000

Musquodoboit Harbour Green Transportation
The Musquodoboit Harbour Community Visioning team wants to implement a larger vision to move the community toward sustainable transportation. The project proposed to Green Mobility Capital Grants is one phase of their work. Linking Musquodoboit Harbour to Porter’s Lake, the nearest Metro Transit connection, is vital to the group’s plans.
Amount granted: $10 460.45

Port Williams Community Park - Bicycle Rack
The community of Port Williams is developing a recreational park. While the Green Mobility Grants does not fund the recreational aspect of the venture, the Grants can fund a bike rack that aims to reduce the number of trips made to the park by vehicles. The project emphasizes how many adolescents depend on their parents for safe, reliable transportation to the park itself. By providing adequate cycling infrastructure, the park planning committee hopes to increase the number of people travelling to the park using active transportation.
Amount granted: $300

Terence Bay/Prospect Road Transit – Bus Mounted Bike Rack
The Green Mobility Capital Grant will be used to add value to a community transit system scheduled to begin operations in September 2010. The Terence Bay area may never meet Metro Transit’s criteria for services, so the community wants to offer an intergenerational service to residents itself. By mounting a bicycle rack on the bus, transportation options are multiplied.
Amount granted: $1 300

Le Transport De Clare Accessible Van
Le Transport De Clare provides the only public transportation service in the communities of Clare and Weymouth. The Grant will be used to help fund the purchase of a new van. Though the service began as a disability-oriented service, it is now dedicated to the ideal of community transit providing rides to all persons who are transportation disadvantaged, such as seniors, youth and people with low income.
Amount granted: $25 000

Green Mobility Capital Grant Recipients - 2011

Le Transport de Clare: $25,000 toward the purchase of a new, accessible, 14 passenger MFAB bus for this rural transit service.  Contact Claredon Robicheau 902. 769.2474.

Town of Annapolis Royal: $14,950 for 10 bike racks, 6 benches, 4 parks and walk signs and 5 trail connecters to improve active transportation opportunities.  Contact Amery Boyer 902. 532.3146.

Town of Bridgetown: $1,260 for bike racks at Town Hall, Bridgetown and Area Public Library, Bridgetown and Area Visitor Information Centre and Bridgetown Development Centre. Contact Steve Raftery 902. 824.0387.

Village of Canning: $1029.55 toward the completion of Bigelow Trail with 2 bike racks and other equipment.  Contact Kim MacQuarrie 902. 582.1342.

Guysborough County Regional Development Authority: $18,715 for their bikeways project to install 59 bike racks and 30 share the road signs across the county. Contact Ashley Williams 902.533.3731.

Musquodoboit Harbour Ratepayers Association: $7,757.90 supporting the installation of 9 bicycle racks around Musquodoboit Harbour and area.  Two racks installed at Peace Park, 2 at the old school, 3 loop racks at Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library and 2 at Martinique Beach Provincial Park.  Contact Laurie Cook 902.889.3578.

Town of Bridgewater: $5,807 toward the implementation of shared bicycle lanes and relevant traffic signage for approximately 1,600 metres (5,250 feet) of Glen Allan Drive.  Contact Eric Shaw 902.541.4368.

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg: $5,000 to install 16 bike racks at bicycle-friendly businesses and municipal parks in this rural municipality.  Contact Laura Barkhouse 902.541.1352.