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At Last: Positive Steps Forward for Nova Scotia’s Forests

a boy sits on a tree root in a forest

At Last: Positive Steps Forward for Nova Scotia’s Forests

December 1, 2010

After much anticipation, Minister of Natural Resources John MacDonell released positive news today on his Department’s new forestry strategy.

“We’re very pleased to see the Minister’s and his Department’s commitment to substantially reduce clearcutting.  A 50% reduction within five years is a major step forward for both the health of our forests and the long-term sustainability of our forestry industries and rural communities,” says Jamie Simpson, forestry program coordinator with the Ecology Action Centre.

The Ecology Action Centre also applauds the government’s decision to stop whole-tree harvesting and public funding for herbicide spraying.

“Forestry companies now have an opportunity to step up to the plate,” says Simpson, “and show us how progressive they can be.”
“Importantly,” continues Simpson, “these new rules will help level the playing field – it will help the many woodland owners, contractors and forestry companies who are already doing sensible forestry.”
The details of the new Forest Strategy are not due until the end of December.  “We expect to see details around increased silviculture funding for non-clearcut harvesting, and educational programs to aid in the transition to better forestry practices,” says Simpson.

“It’s a good day for Nova Scotia – it’s a day we can all be proud of,” says Simpson.  “And it’s the result of thousands of Nova Scotians, from every part of the province, insisting that we can do better by our forests and our rural communities.  We’re standing on the shoulders of dedicated people who’ve worked over the past several decades for positive change.”

“Without doubt this is a momentous day for Nova Scotians.”

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