Nova Scotia Crossing Guard wins national competition!

Arnold Knickle and the EAC's Jen McGowan

Nova Scotia Crossing Guard wins national competition!

Arnold Knickle, a popular crossing guard at Bridgewater Elementary School, has won the title of “Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard”.

The Ecology Action Centre is thrilled to see Arnold recognized for his contribution towards making the commute to school safe for active kids.

Bridgewater Elementary School participates in the Ecology Action Centre’s School Travel Planning program, and Arnold is an active member of his school's School Travel Planning Committee.

A parent who nominated Arnold to be “Canada’s Favourite Crossing Guard” said, “Arnold is a friendly presence in the school and the students know him by name.  Arnold is quick to smile and offer kind encouragement to the students."

Congratulations to Arnold and Bridgewater Elementary School!

School Travel Planning at Bridgewater Elementary School is made possible with support from the Province of Nova Scotia, the Town of Bridgewater, the South Shore Regional School Board, the South Shore District Health Authority, and parents and staff at Bridgewater Elementary School in partnership with the Ecology Action Centre.