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Demand a Green & Just Recovery for Canada!

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The federal government is about to inject billions of dollars into the Canadian economy in an effort to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. This investment represents an unprecedented opportunity to put our country on a path toward a sustainable and equitable future – a Green and Just Recovery for all that prioritizes collective well-being over the pursuit of profit for the few, and recognizes that our own health relies on the health of the ecosystems that sustain us.    

But powerful forces (including some of Canada’s top polluters) are already using this moment to reinforce unjust, exploitative systems for their own gain. There is mounting pressure for decision makers to return to the status quo – a reality where communities already struggle with the ongoing and intersecting crises of rising inequity, climate change, and biodiversity destruction. 

The COVID-19 crisis has proven that when we work together, we can accomplish anything. Together we can demand a Green and Just Recovery – a stimulus package focused on increasing employment, protecting our shared environment, and helping us transition to a cleaner, more equitable economy.   

This is urgent. We need you to add your voice and send a strong message to the federal government telling them you don’t want billions of dollars handed over to corporations that will compromise our environment, accelerate climate change, and reinforce oppressive systems. Instead, demand investment in a Green and Just Recovery that can shift us toward a stronger, equitable, and sustainable society for all. 


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