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The EAC Story

A history of action, activism, education and change.

Some of the founders of EAC in the 1970s EAC in the 1970s: An organization springs from a Dalhousie course called Living Ecology.  The newly formed Ecology Action Centre  works to promote recycling in Halifax.  By the end of the decade, urban development, transportation and energy issues have been added to the roster.

EAC in the 1980s: Now an organization in our teens, we cut the apron strings and move from our early home on the Dalhousie campus.  Agriculture, forestry, hazardous waste and uranium mining are hot issues.

EAC in the 1990s: A court case against the federal government’s proposed Point Aconi power plant leaves us bankrupt.  Thankfully, fundraisers get us back on track by the middle of the decade. Several new committees and projects are formed, including the Marine Issues Committee.  Nova Scotia’s municipalities begin to take recycling and composting seriously, leaving us free to concentrate on other environmental issues.

EAC 2000-2010 A permanent home adds stability to the now middle-aged and well-established organization. 

EAC this decade...Membership is now over 5000, we have over 300 volunteers, and staff booms to over 40 full-and part-time workers.  We continue to work on critical environmental issues. Click here to find our most recent news.