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Ecoanalytics Survey Results

In spring 2017, the Ecology Action Centre partnered with several other Canadian environmental organizations to conduct polling on environmental issues within Canada. The data in the survey have been gathered using rigorous methods to ensure they are of the highest quality. This includes a mixed-mode hybrid design combining probabilistic random digit dialling (RDD) telephone samples with non-probabilistic samples drawn from one of the largest commercial internet panels in Canada. 3005 respondents were asked to respond to the statement  “All seafood in Canada should be labeled with information identifying the species, where the seafood was caught and how it was caught” with their level of agreement with the statement.

Topline results:

  • 82% of Canadians strongly or somewhat agree with the statement
  • Respondents in Quebec had the highest level of agreement at 57% strongly in agreement



Data courtesy of Ecoanalytics Canada:



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