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Culture of Efficiency

Imagine a household where a parent had to choose between paying for heat or paying for food. This is an example of energy poverty. 

Energy poverty is the lack of access to basic energy or energy services to achieve day to day living requirements due to affordability. Making a building more energy efficient is the first step in reducing energy poverty.

We're working to reduce energy poverty in Nova Scotia by promoting a culture of efficiency through knowledge sharing and workshops.




Check out our schedule for workshops near you (Culture of Efficiency Workshops). 



Organize your own Energy Super Hero Workshop

The Ecology Action Team has presented energy efficiency workshops in public libraries around the province. Now, we're making these resources available to everyone, so you can organize your own Energy Super Hero Workshop. Download the Workshop facilitation guide, and find all the resources you'll need below:

  1. Zap Electricity Consumption: Smart appliance use, lighting for less, and chasing out phantom load! 
  2. Protect Your Home Base: Keep the heat, heat efficiently, and water wisdom. 
  3. Go the Extra Mile: Advances home design & renovation, net-zero energy homes, and solar energy. 



A New Efficiency Nova Scotia Program

The Affordable Multifamily Housing Program is designed to reduce the burden of heating and electrical costs by providing technical support and financial assistance. Please click the link to learn more.



Please contact Ben our Efficiency Projects Coordinator at or phone the EAC Energy Office at 902-442-0199.