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5. Nova Scotia: A Green New Deal


Just Transition to a Green Economy

Climate Jobs Roundtables

Climate Jobs are: [1] jobs that make a direct and/or indirect contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change; and [2] jobs that address the inequities of climate change impacts and assist communities in becoming self-sustaining, while coping with, adapting to, or remediating the impacts and inequities of climate change.

Nova Scotia needs to increase its momentum in creating climate jobs. Climate change has disproportionate effects on underrepresented communities and requires continued growth of industries that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help communities adapt. There is an absence of supports, resources, and awareness surrounding the opportunities available in the climate industries.

The Climate Jobs Roundtables project's purpose is to create a roadmap that outlines cultural shift strategies, policies that affect climate jobs, as well as skills development and training programs needed to equip Nova Scotians for a just transition. We will be hosting roundtables in 4 underrepresented communities between August 2017 and August 2018 to inform the roadmap with the voices of those who are most vulnerable to climate change. 

The Climate Jobs Roundtables projects developed after several meetings with a group of stakeholders including First Nations, citizens, private sector, academia, communities and non-profits. This group has become a Climate Jobs Council and continues to meet periodically to discuss the Roundtables and other strategies to enable climate jobs creation in Nova Scotia.

Green Jobs Report 

Green Jobs Calendar

The Ecology Action Centre’s Energy Action Team is proud to present the 2019 Green Jobs Calendar! The EAC has been gathering stories from inspiring people from across Nova Scotia who work in our growing, green economy; from organic farmers, to small-scale fishers, to renewable energy installers and energy efficiency experts. Nova Scotia has a lot to celebrate.

Considering our region’s challenges, and our collective responsibility in the face of climate change, it is clear that we must move ambitiously toward a just transition to a low-carbon society. That's why we made a calendar that highlights the strength, diversity and innovation that is coming out of Nova Scotia as we head in that direction.

All proceeds toward the Ecology Action Centre's Energy Action Team

2030 Greenhouse Gas Targets

Better energy policy, and advocating for firm 2030 GHG reduction targets, was an EAC 2017 Provincial Election Priority, find out more about the commitments made in the election here. More information coming soon...

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SECURE (Smarter Energy Communites in Northern and Arctic Regions)

The Smarter Energy Communities in Northern & Arctic Regions (SECURE) project enables transnational cooperation to increase awareness of the technologies and solutions for energy efficiency and renewables. The project will transfer knowledge from regions with more mature strategies to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy development to regions with less mature strategies. The EAC was selected to share best practices and lessons learned from the Nova Scotia with partners in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, and the Faroe Islands. 

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