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Save Sandy Lake

Sandy Lake and the Sackville River is a popular nature space just outside of Halifax's urban centre. It's home to Atlantic Salmon, endangered Wood Turtles, lichens and moss nestled among some of Nova Scotia’s scant remaining old-growth forests. The rich biodiversity found at Sandy Lake has made it a beloved place to walk, hike, snowshoe, and swim.  

But time is running out for Sandy Lake. 

Right now, just 1,000 acres are protected. Unless we protect more land at Sandy Lake, this area is at risk from a pending housing development. 

This major housing development threatens to take more from Sandy Lake than just land — it will impact the water quality in already-protected areas, and threaten beloved species that call Sandy Lake home. People who love to visit Sandy Lake will suffer, too. This development will contribute to traffic congestion and more algal blooms in Sandy Lake. 

We still have time to come together and save Sandy Lake. Councillors have recently shown an interest in keeping this important wilderness area protected. 

Send a message to councillors now. Ask council to make sure Sandy Lake is protected.


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