Green Jobs Calendar

Inspiring stories from people within Nova Scotia’s growing, green economy

The Ecology Action Centre’s Energy Action Team is proud to present the 2018 Green Jobs Calendar! The EAC has been gathering stories from inspiring people from across Nova Scotia who work in our growing, green economy; from organic farmers, to small-scale fishers, to renewable energy installers and energy efficiency experts. Nova Scotia has a lot to celebrate.

Considering our region’s challenges, and our collective responsibility in the face of climate change, it is clear that we must move ambitiously toward a just transition to a low-carbon society. That's why we made a calendar that highlights the strength, diversity and innovation that is coming out of Nova Scotia as we head in that direction.

All proceeds toward the Ecology Action Centre's Energy Action Team


 Meet our 2017 Green Jobs Calendar heroes!

December: As Mi'kmaw Physical Activity Leadership Coordinator for the Potlotek First Nation, Joshua Rivera Nicholas works to make his community a better place by promoting active, healthy and sustainable living. As a former electrician, carpenter and plumber, Joshua has long advocated for greener homes that also save people money through energy efficiency tools such as LED light bulbs. One of Joshua’s current focuses is to engage youth in his community to stay active and enjoy the outdoors through activities including snowboarding, swimming and surfing.

November: M Samantha Peverill is the Nova Scotia Lead for QUEST- Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow, a national non-profit organization that promotes Smart Energy Communities through research, engagement, and advocacy.

With a background in industrial ecology, Samantha brings together diverse industry, government and not-for-profit actors across the province to collaborate on the transition to an integrated low-carbon energy system while educating individuals and businesses about green energy options.

October: Gabriel Paul (left) is a father and skilled labourer born and raised in We’koqma’q First Nation, who moved to Pictou Landing First Nation in 2007. Brett Stevens (right) is also a skilled labourer, born and raised in Pictou Landing First Nation. Gabriel and Brett have worked together on a few projects, including the installation of solar panels on the amazing new band office in Pictou Landing. The new band office is a net-zero energy building and serves as a model for resilient, efficient, sustainable buildings in Northern and Aboriginal communities.
September: Shaani Singh is a farmer, educator and activist who currently works with Hope Blooms in Halifax as their garden coordinator. Shaani helped to run the Just Us! Centre for Small Farms in Grand Pré, within the Annapolis Valley. At the Centre for Small Farms, Shaani worked with farmers from across Nova Scotia to build an important hub for everything from workshops, to demonstration plots to savings seeds. Shaani has also studied with Vandana Shiva at the Navdanya organization, promoting biodiversity, conservation and the rights of farmers across the world. 
August: Ashleigh Boers is a passionate cyclist and former tour guide supervisor at I Heart Bikes in Halifax who believes in making cycling accessible for people of all ages and fitness levels. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Ashleigh chose to make Halifax home and enjoyed engaging with travelers by showing them parts of the city that can’t be seen from a tour bus. Through her work, Ashleigh helps to promote cycling as both a means of transportation and leisure, while advocating for better cycling infrastructure, accessibility and awareness
July: Zak Miller-Ada is the founder of Full Cycle Builders, a design and construction company in Halifax. As a designer the range of people and projects that his work enables him to engage with keeps things interesting.  As a builder Zak believes that education is an important aspect of his work. From sourcing local wood to ensuring the usability and longevity of his results, Zak is committed to incorporating sustainability into every aspect of his work.
June: Kurtis Anstey is a student, surfer, and musician who grew up in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, and now lives in Halifax. Kurtis is a member of the Product Services Install team at Thinkwell Shift, who are a partner company with Efficiency Nova Scotia, under the management of the provincial nonprofit, Efficiency One. Kurtis works with his team to evaluate homes, give homeowners or tenants the information they need to save resources and on their power bills, and installs energy efficient products as direct replacements for older ones.
May: Dakota Varen is a farmer, writer and organizer living in Tremont, Kings County. Dakota has been farming across Nova Scotia, Canada and the world for the past five years, and has been on over a dozen farms as a worker or apprentice. Recently, Dakota and her business partner have purchased their own small farm in Tremont. Dakota is an advocate for and living example of the wave young women in farming, and is a co-organizer of the Farm Apprentice and Workers Network, which creates spaces for farm workers to meet one another and share stories, skills and experiences.
April: Phil MacKenzie is an engineer, husband, musician and father living in Halifax. Phil is the Engineering Coordinator with Solar Global Solutions Ltd, working to develop and build world-class off-grid and grid-tied renewable energy projects in Nova Scotia and around the globe. Prior to this position, Phil has been working in Nova Scotia's renewable energy sector for the last 9 years through his work with Scotian WindFields, Doctor Solar and the Ecology Action Centre.

March: Erica Porter is a weir fisher based in Bramber, NS who has been fishing with her dad since the age of 16. Erica is breaking down barriers as the only young female weir fisher in her region, and while her work is physically demanding, she finds it very rewarding. 

February:  Abena Amoako-Green shares insights on her journey as an African-Canadian woman pursuing sustainability, health and wellness, stewardship and natural living in Nova Scotia. 
January: Learn more about Moe Kabbara and how he is revolutionizing heat energy storage in Nova Scotia through his clean energy start-up, NeoTES.