2019 Green Jobs Calendar

The Ecology Action Centre’s 2019 Green Jobs Calendar is now available for purchase!

Considering the challenges climate change brings to Nova Scotia, it is our collective responsibility to engage in a green economy that moves ambitiously toward a just transition to a low-carbon society. Nova Scotia has been a leader in the green economy and that's why we made a calendar that highlights the strength, diversity and innovation that is coming out of Nova Scotia. Did you know that if Nova Scotia continues to engage in a green economy over 30,000 jobs in energy efficiency, public transit, renewable energy and conservation could be created?

The 2019 Green Jobs Calendar features stories from inspiring people from across Nova Scotia who are currently working in our growing, green economy; from small-scale fishers, to librarians, to renewable energy installers and union leaders. Nova Scotia has a lot to celebrate.

All proceeds toward the Ecology Action Centre's Energy Action Team. You can purchase a copy at our offices, or order using the link below.

Click here to order your copy of the 2019 Green Jobs Calendar!


A sample from our 2019 Green Jobs Calendar!