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2017 Green Jobs Calendar

Inspiring stories from people within Nova Scotia’s growing, green economy

The Ecology Action Centre’s Energy Action Team is proud to present the 2017 Green Jobs Calendar! The EAC has been gathering stories from inspiring people from across Nova Scotia who work in our growing, green economy; from organic farmers, to small-scale fishers, to renewable energy installers and energy efficiency experts. Nova Scotia has a lot to celebrate.

Considering our region’s challenges, and our collective responsibility in the face of climate change, it is clear that we must move ambitiously toward a just transition to a low-carbon society. That's why we made a calendar that highlights the strength, diversity and innovation that is coming out of Nova Scotia as we head in that direction.


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Cost: $15.00. All proceeds toward the Ecology Action Centre's Energy Action Team


 Meet our Green Jobs Calendar heroes!

March: Erica Porter is a weir fisher based in Bramber, NS who has been fishing with her dad since the age of 16. Erica is breaking down barriers as the only young female weir fisher in her region, and while her work is physically demanding, she finds it very rewarding. 

February:  Abena Amoako-Green shares insights on her journey as an African-Canadian woman pursuing sustainability, health and wellness, stewardship and natural living in Nova Scotia. 
January: Learn more about Moe Kabbara and how he is revolutionizing heat energy storage in Nova Scotia through his clean energy start-up, NeoTES.


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