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Gurprasad Gurumurthy

Gurprasad is passionate about climate change, environmental sustainability research, policy analysis and campaign development. Throughout the progression of his career, he has developed expertise in understanding the environmental and socio-economic impacts of actions and policies, and determining the benefits of strategies and initiatives. Guru has a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on developing emissions inventories for Coal-based Thermal Power Plants and the internalization of social costs of Carbon. He also holds a Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical and Automation Engineering. As Energy Coordinator at the Ecology Action Centre, Guru aims to build a strong coalition of climate-conscious individuals to achieve a Net-zero Nova Scotia.

On other days, you'd be able to find him in the backcountry sitting with his guitar and singing his bizarre tunes. Growing up in India, he realized the importance of conserving resources, and therefore, calls himself a minimalist. When he does, do ask him about his collection of guitars and other instruments.

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