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Each day, the Ecology Action Centre is working to ensure a livable planet for our children and communities. The support of our members is truly the backbone of the EAC, and together our actions are having a big impact.  So, THANK YOU!


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Thanks to your support, here are just a few of the things we were able to achieve:  

  • The Pop-Up Bike Hub will be on the road from May-August, collaborating with 20+ communities to provide bike tune-ups and assessments, bike accessories and safe cycling training. The project will be province-wide, including Cape Breton. We will be partnering with 14 Mi'kmaw communities and six HRM partners.


  • Together with our partners in the Halifax Food Policy Alliance, we are now launching a year-long series of community driven Food Systems workshops. 


  •  Along with our partners in SeaChoice, we launched a new report called “Certification, Verification or Fabrication,” which examines the prevalence, verifiability and quality of seafood environmental claims in the Canadian marketplace. We found that upwards of 60 per cent of labels have no information to back up their claims. That’s what we call greenwashing!   


  • EAC celebrated as the province finally announced plans to protect 20 sites and achieve its 13% land protection goal. Consultations are underway until April 13th for 12 of these areas. This comes after many years of work and is just in time for EAC’s proposal to increase Nova Scotia’s protected area goals to 17% by 2023 and 20% by 2030.  


  • Our Energy team commissioned a report by East Coast Environmental Law to analyze Eastern Canadian and New England laws for barriers and opportunities in achieving a reliable, affordable and cleaner electricity system. This will help inform key electricity policymaking and advocacy for a faster transition in the region.


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