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Fill out the form below to increase your monthly gift!

Your support is vital as we fight to create a sustainable world for future generations!  


Thanks to your support, here are just a few of the things we were able to achieve:  


  • More than 13% of Canada's oceans are now protected.  Since 2015, Canada has increased ocean protection in all three of its ocean basins, from just over 1% to 13.82%. This is a major achievement by the government, indigenous communities, and many partners.  

  • We’re helping coastal communities prepare for sea level rise. Canadians from 24 coastal communities learned how to increase their resilience against climate change impacts as part of our Educating Coastal Communities about Sea Level Rise project.  

  • In collaboration with provincial and national partners, our Speak Up for School Food campaign helped secure a federal commitment to engage stakeholders and work towards the creation of a National School Food Program which will ensure all students in Canada have access to a healthy breakfast, snack, and/or lunch at school.     

  • We have trained more than 17,000 children and youth in safe cycling skills, giving them the tools to be safe as they adapt to a future of green transportation.  

  •  We helped expose years of illegal fishing by one of Canada’s largest fishery corporations, Clearwater. 


Each day, the Ecology Action Centre is working to ensure a livable planet for our children and communities. The support of our members is truly the backbone of the EAC, and together our actions are having a big impact.  


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