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Each day, the Ecology Action Centre is working to ensure a livable planet for our children and communities. The support of our members is truly the backbone of the EAC, and together our actions are having a big impact.  So, THANK YOU!


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Thanks to your support, here are just a few of the things we were able to achieve:  

  • EAC celebrated the announcement of a new $130 million federal program to help create a network of national urban parks across Canada, including Blue Mountain-Birch Cove Lakes. This comes after years of work to protect the green spaces in and around Halifax.  
  • The energy team partnered with groups in the Atlantic region to push for common energy agendas. We continue to build support for the Atlantic Loop—an interconnected regional transmission system which will enable clean energy to flow in the region. 
  • Our Marine team successfully completed the first season of a citizen science project in which we train kayakers to collect video-based data on the presence and health of eelgrass meadows in their local waters. We presented this work at a national workshop and are continuing to scale up this project.  
  • EAC engaged in thorough outreach during the two elections, including the launch of our No More B.S. campaign. For both elections we hosted an environmental debate, published an op-ed and released a voter toolkit. Provincially, we released a highly praised platform analysis. The impact of our ongoing policy work was evident when looking at the three major parties’ platforms.  


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