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One-Metre Rule Magnets

Free One-Metre Rule magnets are back by popular demand! 

With the help of our many partners, EAC has now distributed over 11,400 magnets to date. They are now back in stock, and available in English, Arabic, French and Mi'kmaw. 



How to get a magnet  

Magnets can be picked up from the EAC office on 2705 Fern Lane at the following times, while supplies last: 

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 


Please ring the doorbell and one of our volunteers will help you!  

There is a limit of two magnets per person. If you are an organization that would like a larger number for local distribution, please contact us to make those arrangements. There is a limit of 30 magnets per organization.  The magnets are free but shipping charges will apply. There is a minimum of 10 magnets required for shipping.  

Please direct enquiries to

Please note: Magnets can also be collected from the James McConnell Memorial Library in Sydney, Cape Breton during open hours; the same limits apply and are for pick-up only.  Please enquire at the library's front desk.



How they work 

Motorists can display the magnets on any metal surface on the back of their vehicle to display their awareness of the One-Metre rule and their commitment to sharing the road with cyclists. 

The magnets help with: 

  • Increasing the general awareness of people who bike as road users 
  • Encouraging more specific awareness of the One-Metre law, which has been in effect since June of 2011  
  • Helping bridge the gap between motorists and cyclists as they foster a greater understanding of the principle that roads are meant for all users 


The one-metre law 

The one-metre law, per the Motor Vehicle Act, states: 

Motor vehicle passing bicycle 171B (1) A driver of a vehicle shall not pass a bicycle travelling in the same direction as the vehicle that is being ridden to the far right of the driver of the vehicle on the roadway, on the shoulder or in an adjacent bicycle lane unless  

(a) there is sufficient space to do so safely; and 

(b) the driver leaves at least one metre open space between the vehicle and the cyclist. 





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