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1. Coal-Phase Out

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2. DSM (Demand Side Management) Electricity Goals for Efficiency - Efficiency NS

3. Cap and Trade/Carbon Pricing


  • Carbon Pricing In Nova Scotia - The EAC Energy Team has been an active participant in discussions in the lead up to the November 2016, announcement from the government of Nova Scotia that it will implement a cap-and trade system to price carbon pollution, starting in 2018.  Our work has included convening coalitions of support for just carbon pricing, hosting two multi-stakeholder carbon pricing forums, and a public panel series on developing Nova Scotia's cap-and-trade system. Read more about our work to develop an effective and equitable carbon pricing system for Nova Scotia here.



  • Nova Scotia Needs New Climate Goals - The  Sustainable  Development Goals Act was introduced in October 2019.  It  includes  a  legislated GHG emissions reduction target for the year  2030,  legislates net zero emissions by 2050,  and  commits to a new  climate change plan that will be developed over the next year. The  Act  sets out a requirement for  public consultations to  take place in the coming  year  that  will  inform the  development of new targets for things like  renewable electricity, energy efficiency, clean transportation, local food, wilderness protection, waste diversion and  more. Learn more about how you can participate here.


  • Goals to Advance the Environmental and Economic Well-being of Nova Scotia: The Ecology Action Centre feel it is important that as many Nova Scotians as possible engage on this Act as its goals touch on nearly every facet of our lives. As part of this process, we made the following submission to the Sustainable Development Goals Act (formerly EGSPA) consultation process.
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