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HISTORIC HALIFAX HOUSE TO MOVE END OF NOVEMBERThe Morris House Project launches exciting month-long campaign
-November 7, 2012

Our HRM features 35 candidate survey responses focusing on how HRM should grow: Like the public, council candidates in favour of Greenbelting
-October 16, 2012

Our HRM Alliance debate for districts 9 and 11 on Friday night at the Captain William Spry Centre promises to address big issues
-September 13, 2012

Press Release: Candidates support Greenbelting, less clear on saying “no” to inappropriate development
-September 6, 2012

Our HRM Alliance Hosts Mayoral Candidates Debate
-August 14, 2012

Some Retailers unaware of Provincial Pesticide Regulations
-December 6, 2011

New HRM-wide Alliance Takes Aim at Sprawl:
Calls for greenbelt and changes in commercial
tax structure

-May 25, 2011

Halifax cannot afford more sprawl
-March 8, 2011

Halifax slips again in Corporate Knights’ sustainability rankings
-February 10, 2011

Historic and Environmental Beacon: Morris Building on the Move
December 21, 2009

Environment and Heritage Working Together against Time
-December 14, 2009

HRM Councillors granted opportunity to revise HRMbyDesign to include sustainability
-June 11, 2009

Wolfville Endorses Pesticide Free Nova Scotia Platform
-June 5, 2009

EAC Wants Sustainable Buildings to be Mandatory
-March 30, 2009
Please also see EAC’s proposed amendments to HRM by Design.
For background information related to this press release, please visit the Heritage Trust and HRMbyDesign websites.

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