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Coastal and Water Press Releases

-December 1, 2013
-November 2013
-November 13, 2013

Nova Scotia coastal property owners suffer hurricane damage
-July 31st, 2013

Let’s keep people and property safe:EAC thinks costly Truro floods can be prevented
-June 28, 2013

"RBC names Ecology Action Centre a 2013 RBC Blue Water Grant recipient"
-June 13, 2013

“Fishermen told to keep a watchful eye on the fishery”
EAC releases brochure on fisheries and climate change

-February 21, 2013

EAC launches toolkit on community climate change adaptation “People are already experiencing impacts”
-May 22, 2013

Green Light to Mink Farmers means Green Lakes for Nova Scotians

-January 17, 2013

Halifax Fire Station Becomes Demonstration Site for Stormwater Management
-November 27, 2012

Climate Play urges Cheticamp to Adapt
-November 22, 2012

Bay of Fundy spared... this time
-October 30, 2012

Mink Farm Regulations Need More Transparency and Environmental Rigour
-June 13, 2012

Celebrate Canada Water Week in Nova Scotia
-March 22, 2012


EAC welcomes NS wetland Conservation Policy  – at long last
-October 14, 2011

Coastal Strategy a “Good Start”; now let’s get moving on an Act
-October 13, 2011

EAC film features Nova Scotians calling for provincial leadership on coast
-May 24, 2011

Keeping Kitty Indoors: Protecting Birds and Cats
-May 23, 2011

EAC sends out a search party for missing wetland policy
-February 2, 2011


Ecology Action Centre sees missed opportunity in Nova Scotia’s Water Strategy
-Dec 16, 2010

Surprisingly intense storm reinforces urgent need for Coastal Legislation
-December 7th, 2010

“Where is wetland policy?" asks EAC
-October 19th, 2010

Storm Damage and battered beaches; a sign of things to come
Ecology Action Centre calls on province to implement stalled coastal strategy

-January 5, 2010


Coastal groups applaud release of State of the Coast report
-December 10, 2009

Halifax Bans Bottled Water: HRM Takes Important First Step - More Still Needed
-September 15, 2009

Paint the Town Blue this September!
-August 25, 2009


Grackles and the Birds are Back Celebrity Challenge
-April 6, 2009


Nova Scotia Coastal Communities; Creating Success
“These are the people who are shaping our coastal futures”

-March 31, 2009

Nova Scotia municipalities should follow FCM’s lead and ‘Ditch the Bottle’
-March 9, 2009

Beaches on the Front Lines: Ecology Action Centre Says We Must Act Now to Save Scotia’s Troubled Shorelines
-March 2, 2009

Environmental Groups critical of aquaculture expansion in Port Mouton Bay
-February 25, 2009

Coalition wants say in Coastal Strategy
-January 13, 2009


Campaign to Turn on the Taps and Ditch the Bottle also available en français: Campagne pour ouvrir le robinet et éliminer la bouteille
December 12, 2008

“True Grit": Ecology Action Centre Hosts Nova Scotia’s First Province-wide Beach Management Workshop
November 27, 2008

Environment and Communities Ignored at Mining Matters Conference also available en français:
L'environnement et les communautés oubliés à la conférence minière
November 12, 2008

Coastlines Column to Focus on Fresh Water
October 3, 2008

Nova Scotia takes a stand for the coast – at last EAC welcomes Provincial commitment to Coastal Development Strategy by 2010
June 5, 2008

Navigating Nova Scotia’s Coastal Maze: EAC helps the public figure out how to get involved in coastal issues
April 8, 2008


Ecology Action Centre feels private sewage treatment a dangerous precedent for Antigonish Harbour
October 18, 2007

Canada Day Special: Nova Scotia’s coastline for Sale?
June 29, 2007

White’s Point Quarry and Marine Terminal EIA Press Conference by ENGOs opposing the proposed project
June 18, 2007

Province Okays coastal wetlands destruction
June 12, 2007

Video-conference to help coastal communities prepare for climate change
June 6, 2007

Ecology Action Centre says it’s Time to Get Serious About Climate Change Impacts
May 3, 2007


The tides are flowing again at Cheverie Creek!
January 13, 2006


Colchester County Tidal Barriers Audit Results
July 28, 2005

Good news for Barrington Wetlands
May 26, 2005


CCNS Press Release
November 24, 2004


Lack of Coastal Planning Leads to Increased Risk of Flood Damage
April 16, 2003

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