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Complete Communities

The Ecology Action Centre is committed to sustainable growth for the creation of a more environmentally-friendly city in the Regional Centre of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The Centre Plan, which aims to determine how and where the next 18,000 units will be located, is integral to the development of greater density in the Regional Centre and we applaud the work that has gone into achieving this goal thus far. Regional Council has acknowledged that Climate Change poses a threat to the safety of Haligonians and the longevity of our City, and have begun to introduce legislation to protect us from sea level rise and extreme weather events. Without a sustainable, resilient future Plan for Halifax, we risk our collective future and that of generations to come. 


Comments on the Centre Plan (May 2018)

Affordable housing is an environmental issue: Have your say on HRM's "Centre Plan Package B." (August 2020)


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