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Energy Action Team's Mandate

Climate change inevitably impacts all of us. The Energy Action Team inspires Nova Scotians to prosper in a future that is free of fossil fuels, where energy is used as efficiently as possible. Through education, consultation and advocacy with the public and government, we work for a just transition into this future.

Learn more about the Energy Action Team's vision by seeing a report-back from our Strategy Retreat in May 2017 here. 



Background: Energy Issues in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia can become a hub for sustainable energy practice and innovation. Nova Scotians know far too well the boom and bust cycles brought on by large energy projects.  It is time for us to harness the potential for sustainable, appropriate development that will benefit our communities in the long-term.

In Nova Scotia we have premier research institutions, impressive wind, solar, and tidal resources, and a high quality of life worth protecting. Nova Scotia can become a province with secure and self-sufficient communities, and an area that attracts and nurtures entrepreneurs in sustainable energy innovation.

To create secure and sustainable communities, we need to rapidly transition away from Nova Scotia’s over-reliance on oil and coal for energy.  Our province currently has some of the highest levels of per capita pollution, which contributes to global climate change, acid rain, and smog.

Learn more about how to make this transition away from fossil fuel by reading the following two reports released by the Energy Action Team. These reports provide energy policy recommendations for Nova Scotia and have already influenced the direction of our energy system.
1) "Electricity and Nova Scotia's Future: Hurdles and Opportunities" by Catherine Abreu
2) "Solving Nova Scotia's Electricity Pricing Problem: Energy Affordability vs. Rising Electricity Prices" by Brian Gifford

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