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Energy Campaign Coordinator

Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas joined the Energy Action Team as a volunteer in 2012 and was hired as the Energy Coordinator in July 2016. Stephen works to support the work of the Ecology Action Team with a focus on energy policy issues in Nova Scotia. With a keen focus on a justice-based transition to a fossil-free economy and the community-based aspects of renewable energy development, Stephen is excited to be working with the Energy Action Team.

Stephen has a mechanical engineering degree and specialized in energy systems analysis during his studies at Dalhousie University. Before joining the Energy Action Team staff, Stephen worked as an engineer and project manager with two of the leading renewable energy developers in Nova Scotia, developing 40 MW of community wind energy under the COMFIT program and helping to manage a development portfolio of over 300MW of community-focused projects across North America.

Stephen attended the COP21 climate negotiations in Paris as part of the Canadian Youth Delegation, is a founding member of the fossil fuel divestment campaign at Dalhousie University, and a member of various justice organizations in Halifax and throughout Canada.

Stephen is also a founding member of If You Build It - stay tuned for a variety of Solar-Powered Concerts around Halifax when the weather is right!

Energy Conservation Coordinator

Emma Norton

Emma Norton is a graduate of the University of King’s College, Halifax with a combined honours degree in Environment, Sustainability, and Society and International  Development Studies. She was awarded the University Medal in Environment, Sustainability, and Society. Motivated by social justice and climate change, she strives for a fossil fuel free electricity grid in Atlantic Canada, where energy is affordable for all. She works to create grassroots momentum to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and to increase energy literacy.

During her years in university she worked as the Sustainability Officer for the Student's Union and successfully started a campaign to help students reduce their carbon emissions by travelling by train instead of by plane.  At the Ecology Action Centre, Emma has been coordinating the Culture of Efficiency Project since 2012. She is currently pursuing her interest in Building Science and Net Zero Building Design through certifications, while simlultaneously using her skills, passion, and knowledge in the Culture of Efficiency Project.  Its current iteration focuses on coaching local non-profits through energy efficiency retrofits in order reduce carbon emissions, energy bills, and increase resources to their services and building comfort. Emma was also the Materials and Volunteers Manager for the Ecology Action Centre's showcase green renovation project in 2015. 

She believes that the Maritimes can become a world leader in sustainable energy and is motivated by the knowledge, talent, and hard work she has seen in Nova Scotia. 

Energy Team Intern

Dani Miller

Dani Miller holds a degree in Plant Biology from McGill University. Before joining the Energy Action Team, she worked as a Horticultural Research Assistant at the university's research farm for 3 years throughout her studies. This background in primary research allows Dani to apply rigorous scientific method and analytical thought to her work at the Ecology Action Centre, providing the team with accurate research and effective communication.

Throughout her time at university, Dani helped manage the Out of the Garden Project, an initiative to connect students on campus to the student-run organic farm. She successfully managed the sourcing and winter preservation of local, organic produce for the bi-weekly meal creations, providing her fellow students with access to healthy, local food. Dani helped raise awareness about organic agriculture on campus and in the surrounding West Island of Montreal, and helped narrow the gap between farmers and the community. In addition to this, Dani spent years working with the McGill Apicultural Association by helping manage their 14 beehives, and aiding in harvest and market preparation for the student-run organic farm.

With a passion for ecology, plants, and all things natural, the world of energy is new and rewarding. Diving head-first into energy matters in Nova Scotia, Dani brings an outsiders perspective to the energy issues in the province. With her strong work ethic and lifelong passion for sustainability and the environment, Dani is proving to be an asset to the Energy Action Team, and is loving every minute of her time here.

Sustainable Prosperity Coordinator

Gabby Mills

Gabby Mills began volunteering with the Energy Action Team in 2016 by advocating for effective carbon pricing schemes that will stimulate Nova Scotia’s emerging green economy. She was hired in 2017 to support advocacy and policy efforts that will advance Nova Scotia’s transition to a justice based low-carbon economy. Gabby’s work has included organizing the Capping Carbon | Trading Talk panel series and campaigning for the ambitious and effective implementation of the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act. 

She is a graduate of Dalhousie University, and an active Teaching Assistant in Dalhousie’s College of Sustainability where her work focuses on local governance, sustainable transitions, social movements, and problem-based learning. She is an incoming SSHRC funded MA candidate and holds a Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarship. Her research will focus on the intersections of public policy, social movements, and art created in resistance to non-renewable resource extraction.


Committee Chair

Naomi Hill 

Naomi is passionate about engaging diverse communities to address pressing environmental and social challenges, most notably climate change, through a combination of policy development and behavious change.

As a French-American having grown up in Berkeley, California, Naomi brings an international perspective to her work. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in political science, geography and economics at McGill University and joined the Energy Action Team as a volunteer shortly after moving to Halifax in 2015. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the Energy Action team and leard from the team's dedicated and knowledgeable staff and volunteers while working towards a more sustainable, just and modern energy system in Nova Scotia.

In addition to her role with the Energy Action Team, Naomi works in communications and volunteers her time as Director of Sustainability with Fusion Halifax and as a Climate Leader with the Climate Reality Project Canada.


Board Representative

Jacob Thompson

Jacob ThompsonJacob is passionate about regional energy issues, from the technical side, and has been a volunteer on and off with the Energy Action Team for nearly a decade. He completed a Bachelor of Applied Science from Acadia University, and will graduate with a M.Sc. in Applied Science at Saint Mary’s University in 2015. One of his main hobbies is adding features to his Nova Scotia Energy Map. He recently became vegan to reduce his personal FoodPrint by 1 tonne eCO2 annually, as a preventative step towards climate change impacts and species loss, and out of compassion for the animals. He intends to run his first full marathon in the following year. Work wise, he enjoys anything from tree planting, to programming, research or construction.




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