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Concerns Raised Over Proposed Cap-and-Trade System

March 23, 2017

Canadian Climate Framework Encouraging, But Shows Much Work is Left to be Done
Dec 12, 2016

EAC Statement on Muskrat Falls - Support for Nunatsiavut Government and Local Communities
October 24, 2016

Environment Ministers to meet Tuesday to discuss Climate Plan

August 5, 2016

Canadian Energy Strategy Must Work for Atlantic Canada says Energy Coalition
-July 24, 2012

Media Backgrounder: Federal Coal Regulations and Lower Churchill Falls
-August 19, 2011

EAC Calls on NS Premier to Dissent to Supporting Tarsands
-July 20, 2011

Atlantic Provinces Urged to Increase Climate Change Action
-July 8, 2011
      -Nova Scotia NEG-ECP Report Card 2011


Forest Biomass Policy and Regulation is a Biomess [MS Word Document]
-July 29th, 2010

Nova Scotia Sustainable Electricity Alliance Formed
Press Conference to be held on Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Public Money Should not be Sunk into Donkin Mine
February 18, 2010

New England Power Markets Shaky Without Cap and Trade
September 15, 2009

Environmental Groups Release Statement on Biomass Energy
-September 8th, 2009

New Renewable Energy Goals are Meaningless if 2010 Target Failures are Dismissed
-July 28, 2009

UARB Biomass Hearing Decision and Consequences for the Newly Formed Government
-July 22, 2009

Energy from the Forest: How Green is Biomass?
-June 22, 2009
background information:

EAC Blown Away by the Lack of Federal Support for Renewable Energy
-June 11, 2009

Politicians Should Stop Playing Word Games: Carbon tax and Cap and Trade Have the Same Implications
-April 6, 2009

Consideration for the Future Lacking in Province’s Economic Stimulus
-March 19, 2009

The 2009 Federal Budget Does Not Embrace a Clean Energy Future
-January 27, 2009

Nova Scotia Climate Change Action Plan: EAC Response
-January 21, 2009
(Full EAC Response)

Will the Province follow through on its promise to lead the way on climate change?
-January 15, 2009
(Read our Backgrounder on the Climate Change Action Plan and Energy Strategy)

Immediate Crisis Needs Long Term Solution: Sustainable Infrastructure is needed as we enter a Low Carbon Future
December 15, 2008

Province Plans to Create New Agency for Energy Efficiency
December 12, 2008

Today Atlantic Premiers Discuss the Economy – Discussions Must Include the Environment
December 8, 2008

Eco-groups, scientists and youth call for Canadian leadership at UN climate change talks in Poland
-December 1, 2008

Government Delay Putting Energy Efficiency Programming at Risk
— November 3, 2008

Ecology Action Centre Encourages Premiers and Governors to Cap Carbon
— September 15, 2008

Ecology Action Centre is Expecting More for Long Term Energy Efficiency
— September 10, 2008

Will Premier MacDonald Join Ontario and Quebec Cap and Trade? EAC Says a Cap on Emissions Needed to Meet Province’s Emission Reduction Target
— June 2, 2008

EAC Says it is Time for Real Solutions to Energy Costs: Rate Increase due to Fossil Fuel Reliance
— May 27, 2008

EAC Seeks to Rescue Province’s Floundering Climate Change Agenda
— May 13, 2008
(Our Backgrounder on Sustainable Prosperity and Climate Change is also available here)

EAC Response to Carbon Capture and Storage Announcement: Research Needed, But don’t Let Fossil Fuel Subsidies Come at Expense of Clean Energy Options
— April 23, 2008

EAC Urges Government to Adopt Efficiency Recommendation for Independent Energy Efficiency Agency Quickly
— April 4, 2008

Affordable Energy Group Gives Government Low-Grade on Energy Poverty
— March 25, 2008
(The 2008 Energy Poverty Report Card is also available here)

Climate Change Report details Dramatic Impacts in Canada - Government must respond with far stronger plan
— March 10, 2008

Where’s Rodney on Climate Leadership? EAC Calling on Nova Scotia to Join Provincial GHG Accord
— January 30, 2008

Atlantic Premiers Must Cap Carbon: Atlantic Coalition Calls for Climate Leadership at Premiers Meeting
— December 11, 2007

Climate Action Report Card 2007: Action Needed to Boost Nova Scotia's Climate Change Grade
— November 28, 2007

Ecology Action Centre Says Province Gambling with Renewable Target
— November 19, 2007

Ecology Action Centre Supports Government Consultation on Energy Efficiency Administration
— October 29, 2007

Ecology Action Centre Asks If Nova Scotia Will Meet Renewables Goal
— August 31, 2007

Affordable Energy Coalition releases energy poverty report card
- February 25, 2007

Ecology Action Centre calls on Nova Scotia to Re-commit to Emission Reduction Targets
- February 8, 2007

Ecology Action Centre Says Rate Decision Confuses Priorities
- February 5, 2007

Affordable Energy Coalition Applauds New Energy Efficiency Program
- January 29, 2007

Ecology Action Centre Rejects NSPI Rate Settlement
- January 21, 2007

Ecology Action Centre Won't Support NSPI Rate Increase
- January 19, 2007

EAC Response to Home Energy Efficiency Announcement - Efficiency delayed is efficiency denied
- January 16, 2007


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