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Energy Publications Archive

Energy Publications Archive

Submission to Nova Scotia Renewable Stakeholder Consultation Process
-December 2, 2009

Submission to the Government of NS, Department of the Environment on: An Approach to Regulating Electricity Sector Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollutant Emissions – A Discussion Paper
-March 31, 2009

Presentation on Wind Energy to the Provincial Departments of Energy and Environment (Powerpoint, 1.4 MB)
EAC's Position Statement on Wind Energy
-February, 2009

Power Politics - presentation by Jamie Thomson (pdf, .5MB)
-January 21, 2009

Letter to Darrell Dexter from Ecology Action Centre and Atlantic Canada Sustainable Energy Coalition
Regarding Council of the Federation Meeting and Climate Change
-July 13, 2009

Letter to the Minister of Environment - Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment
-February 13, 2009

Pathways to Sustainable Energy Prosperity in Nova Scotia (2008)
[pdf, 1.3 MB]

Letter to Premier Rodney MacDonald Regarding The Announcement of an Electric Energy Efficiency Administrator
— August 22, 2008

Political Leadership Needed to Tackle Energy Cost Issues
— version of article appeared in the Chronicle Herald, May 8th, 2008

Ecology Action Centre Review of 2008 Provincial Budget
— May 1, 2008

Ecology Action Centre Submission to 2008 Demand Side Management Hearing - Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board
— April 15, 2008

2008 Energy Poverty Report Card [pdf]
— March 25, 2008

EAC Discussion Paper - Administrative Models and Accountability for Energy Efficiency Investments in Nova Scotia [pdf]
— February 18, 2008

EAC Submission to Nova Scotia's Climate Change Plan and Energy Strategy[pdf]
— December 18, 2007

EAC letter to Environment Minister of Federal Climate Change Funding [pdf]
— May 15th, 2007

Nova Scotia's GHG Emissions Backgrounder - Federal target less than half of what is needed [pdf]
— April 26, 2007

Nova Scotia's Energy (Efficiency) Resource [pdf]
— April 20, 2007

Efficiency: Nova Scotia's Forgotten Energy Resource
(article originally published in the Chronicle Herald, March 22, 2007)

EAC comments on renewable energy markets [pdf]
— March 2, 2007

Affordable Energy Coalition energy poverty report card [pdf]
— February 26, 2007

EAC analysis of Nova Scotia Power greenhouse gas emission reduction scenarios [pdf]
— February 19, 2007

Carbon Pollution FAQs [pdf]
— February 6, 2007

Electricity Feed-In Laws FAQs [pdf]
— February 6, 2007

Efficiency FAQs [pdf]
— February 6, 2007

EAC submission on NSPI rate case [pdf]
— January 26, 2007

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