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Our Mission is to increase individual and collective food access and self-reliance in Nova Scotia.

Specifically we aim to support our community in developing more environmentally and economically sustainable ways of growing, purchasing, processing and consuming locally produced foods. We do so by fostering food action and activism, re-valuing local food and farmers, food skills training and education, and promoting engagement in food policy. 


About Us:

The EAC was one of the first organizations in the Maritimes to identify the important connections between our food system and the environment. For over a decade, we have been working towards creating a more sustainable food system. We have done so by working with local farmers and gardeners, promoting local purchasing, farmers markets, and CSA’s, and enhancing people’s food skills and knowledge. 

The food team at the EAC is currently made up of the Food Action Committee (FAC), and the Our Food ProjectFAC is a volunteer led group that addresses food security and environmental concerns. The Our Food Project is a seven year staff-led project aimed at increasing community food security in the HRM and beyond.

Adventures in Local Food

Adventures in Local Food: Check out our blog for info on our project, current events, seasonal food, tips on canning and preserving and more!


To see a list of our previous projects click here.

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