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Transforming Communities Through Food.

We all eat. But access to good food isn’t equal for everyone. That’s why we’re working to build a community around food in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We’re creating spaces where people can connect about food; to learn and share ideas, success stories, solutions and ways to get involved.


Join our community


At the Ecology Action Centre, we’re working to transform communities through food. We want you to join us. In 2019, you can help lead the change you want to see on the food issues that matter to YOU.


Community Resources

  • Plants To Plates: This user-friendly guide makes it easy for anyone to teach kids about food. Fun, hands-on, interactive sessions build kids' confidence in preparing and growing food while increasing their knowledge to make healthy food choices on their own. Get the guide here.
  • Dig In! Some Common Food Terms:  What does Food Insecurity mean? What's a food environment? This guide provides an introduction to some common terms as a starting point for your conversations about food. Read it here.
  • How to Ferment Your Harvest: Wild fermentation is one of the oldest and easiest methods of food preservation. If you have salt, a jar, and some vegetables, you’re basically done. Read our step-by-step guide to fermenting here.
  • How to Can Your Harvest: Imagine eating local peaches in January, garden salsa in February, or dilly beans in March. Home canning is a great way to store away local vegetables and fruits for up to one year – saving freezer and fridge space. Read our step-by-step guide here.
  • Comment mettre vos récoltes en conserve: Les conserves maison sont une excellente façon d’entreposer des fruits et légumes locaux jusqu’à un an, tout en gagnant de l’espace dans le réfrigérateur et le congélateur. Imaginez : des pêches locales en janvier, de la salsa du jardin en février ou des haricots à l’aneth en mars.
  • Hants Local Food Guide: A resource designed to connect consumers in East Hants with local producers. Buying local, fresh products directly from farms and markets can benefit individuals, communities and the environment. Read it here
  • Eat Local Cumberland: Whether you live there, or you're visiting, this handy online tool will help you discover local food and drink options in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. View it here.
  • Does Your Breakfast Need a Passport?: A study on how far our food travels to reach our breakfast plate in Nova Scotia. Read it here.
  • Stories from the Food Movement:  A collection of interviews that depict the forward momentum in gardens, communities, schools, policy forums, and other arenas across Nova Scotia and South East New Brunswick, over a four year period from 2012-2016. Watch it here.



The EAC was one of the first organizations in the Maritimes to identify the important connections between our food system and the environment. For over a decade, we have been working towards creating a more sustainable food system. We have done so by working with local farmers and gardeners, promoting local purchasing, farmers markets, and CSA’s, and enhancing people’s food skills and knowledge. 


To see a list of our previous projects click here.

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