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Food Leaders & Food Initiatives in Cape Breton
Halifax Food Policy Alliance

Community Food Snapshots (2013 & 2014):


Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture

Community Garden Heavy Metal Study
January 2011, Sadra Heidary Monfared

Putting Food in Our Cities & Community in Our Food
2009, Garity Chapman

Food Miles and Local Food

Are Nova Scotians eating local? Where is our food coming from?

July 2010, Jen Scott and Marla MacLeod

Eating By the Seasons                                                            

Food Action Committee

Eating for a Better World pamphlet
Side one, Side two

Does Your Breakfast Need A Passport?
Winter 2008, Between The Issues

Working Together to Promote Local Food [Word Document]
(Originally published in the Chronicle Herald, August 21, 2007)

Local Food Procurement Policies: A Literature Review

Farmland and Farm Knowledge Preservation

Twilight Meetings: Celebrating the Wisdom of Our Farmer-Mentors

2007, Heliotrust
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Food Action Committee's position on the use of biosolids on agricultural land - UPDATED May 2009

Moving Towards A Healthy Food and Farm System
Winter 2009, Between The Issues

Delicious Inspiration from New England 
Summer 2008, Between The Issues

Can Our Food Commit Suicide? -February 8, 2006

Can Seeds Commit Suicide?-November 9, 2005

400+ Concerned Citizens Call upon Grocery Chains to Support LOCAL Farms - May 25, 2005

FAC Library

We have a small library in our office that includes paper copies of the above publications, as well as other books, reports and DVDs that contain great information on gardening, soil building, greenhouse design, root cellaring, cooking and much more!  We've collected these publications to be a public resource for those interested in building a more sustainable food system.

For a full list of publications in the FAC library, click here.

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