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Red Fox FarmHeliotrust is EAC’s ‘farm arm’, started in 2004. Check out the Heliotrust blog for farm and project updates.

Farmland Conservation Easements

We are pleased that local food is becoming a priority in Nova Scotia!  In order to have a thriving farm community producing that food, farmers need access to good, affordable land, close to markets.  Since many farmers don’t make very much money farming, it is tempting to sell good farm land to the highest bidder (usually a developer) in order to finance a retirement plan.  This is a painful thing for a farmer to do, given their years of hard work to build up the land’s productivity.  It is also painful for new farmers, as they often want to start off with low expenses.  Farmland Conservation Easements, where a farmer is paid to sign a legal document preventing them from selling off good farm land for development, helps both the retiring farmer and the new farmer by removing any speculative value distortions on farm land. 

EAC is the registered Easement Holder for two Farm Conservation Easements in Hants County.  This means that approximately 300 acres of land will be protected for farming in perpetuity.  Stay tuned for more posts on this very exciting initiative!

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