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Join the Marine Action Committee!

We come together at our regular monthly meetings with the goal of working towards a future healthy, sustainable ocean.  We focus on creating opportunities for learning about important local, regional, and international marine issues, and opportunities for engagement.  We select the issues together with staff - in the past year the issues included sustainable seafood, learning about and supporting Maritime fisheries, aquaculture, and the campaigns to protect tuna and sharks.  

Marine Action meetings take place on the last Wednesday of each month, in the EAC boardroom (2705 Fern Lane), from 6:30-8:00pm.

Please email our volunteer co-chairs Brenna, Alex, and Liza at for more info and to be added to the committee's mailing list.

In our meetings, invited guest speakers come to discuss their marine work or perspectives with us, and we hear about work performed by EAC Marine staff. We share both feedback and volunteers to contribute towards EAC Marine Team projects, and we share information with each other about marine learning and engagement opportunities. We organize Oceans Week events, and events throughout the year that increase marine awareness and engagement - over the past year, this has included a springtime Slow Fish launch, a summer sustainable seafood barbecue, a fall Seacology by Kayak adventure in Lower Prospect, and a group visit to fishing-themed short films screening at Devourfest in Wolfville.  

To read more about some of these events click on the links below:


We have also hosted an incredible series of guest speakers:

  • Peter Tydsmere on aquaculture and lifecycle analysis
  • Anna Metaxas on deep water ecology & potential impacts of offshore drilling
  • Tony Charles on the joy of learning about Aboriginal perspectives on fisheries, coasts, and oceans
  • Fred Whorisky from the Ocean Tracking Network on tracking Atlantic Salmon
  • Sterling Bellieveau on his experience a former minister of fisheries and aquaculture
  • Inka Milewski on science for citizens and the recent explosion of community based research projects.
We welcome everyone to attend and hope to see you at one of our meetings!


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