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Living Shorelines Expert Team

The Living Shorelines project began with a question: could these techniques which have proved so successful in Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina work here in Nova Scotia? Anyone who has visited coasts in all these areas can tell you that they look very different. We needed to assemble a team of experts who knew both Nova Scotia and the principles behind the Living Shorelines approach. This project could not have been done without the following people graciously providing their deep knowledge and experience to this work.

Tony Bowron Wetland Ecologist of CB Wetlands and Environmental Specialists, Inc.

Rosmarie Lohnes of the restoration-focused landscaping business Helping Nature Heal, has pioneered the specific techniques used on our demonstration sites, featured in our videos and described in our brochure. 

Dr. Jeremy Lundholm St. Mary's University Professor of Biology Coastal Ecosystem Restoration

Christopher Trider and Brad Crewe of Nova Shorelines Ltd.

Bob Taylor, emeritus coastal geologist with Geological Survey of Canada-Atlantic

Dr. Danika van Proosdij St. Mary's University, Professor of Geography Director Intertidal Coastal Sediment Transport Research Unit

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