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Sustainable Trap Caught Shrimp from Canso a Hit with Toronto and Halifax Restaurants and Retailers
-December 12, 2012

Canada’s request for exemption at international meeting derails protection for endangered shark
-November 19, 2012

Atlantic Tuna Commission Fails Sharks
-November 19, 2012

Canada isolated at international meeting: Only country defending right to fish endangered porbeagle shark
-November 9, 2012

Lots of Talk, No Action
NAFO debates but fails to deliver deep sea protection

-September 21, 2012

Canada One of Few Countries Blocking Agreement on Protecting High Seas Marine Diversity at Rio + 20
-June 18, 2012

Over 100 Organizations and Businesses Renew Call for Moratorium on Open Net Pen Finfish Farming; Aquaculture Strategy Inadequate
-June 4, 2012

Media Advisory: There’s a Salmon War Brewing in Nova Scotia.
-May 31, 2012

New Canadian ‘Organic’ Aquaculture Standard Fails to Meet True Organic Principles
-May 9, 2012

Chedabucto Bay Trap Caught Shrimp Recognized for Sustainability and Quality; Fishermen Benefit Financially
Good News Story for Canso as Innovative Trap Shrimp Fishery Finds New Markets
-March 29, 2012

Growing Coalition Calls for Moratorium on Salmon Feedlots
-March 12, 2012

Be Happy, Promoting Ocean-Friendly Seafood with a Smile
-January 17, 2012

-November 11, 2012

Groups applaud action on pesticides but worry new regulations will increase pesticide use 
-November 9, 2011

Halifax Forum to Discuss Genetically Modified Fish
U.S and Canadian panel to present on the risks of GM Atlantic salmon
-October 26, 2011

Canadian Shark Loose on the Streets of London
-October 17, 2011

Rally today: Salmon feedlots out of our oceans
-June 17, 2011

Overwaitea Food Group Stores Roll Out Sustainable Sushi Options
-June 1, 2011

Opposition to Longline Swordfish Fishery Certification Escalates, as Public Comment Period Closes
-April 11, 2011

From Sea to Poisoned Sea, Harper Government proposes new regulation that would facilitate toxic pesticide use on salmon farms
-February 17, 2011
See also the Backgrounder on Sea  Lice and Pesticides and A Letter to Prime Minister Harper

Sharks winners at ICCAT, groups urge Canada to bring this home
-November 28, 2010

Poor Canadian Management of Sharks, Tuna and Swordfish Leads Environmental Group to ICCAT
-November 12, 2010

New Coalition Forms to Call for Aquaculture Reform in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
-October 25, 2010

Fishing for Change: Atlantic Canada’s First Community Supported Fishery Is ‘Off the Hook’
-June 24, 2010

Sustainable sushi is the industry’s future
Canada’s largest sushi company is celebrating International Sushi Day, June 18, by announcing its commitment to protecting the world’s oceans in partnership with SeaChoice
-June 18, 2010

SeaChoice launches seafood guide app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, now with a sushi feature
-April 13, 2010

Who Sells Seafood by Nova Scotia’s Sea Shores?
New Study Highlights Direct Marketing Opportunities for Small-scale Fishers
-April 9, 2010

Fishery that threatens turtles poised to receive sustainability label
Eco-certification still being considered even as U.S. proposes to list loggerheads as endangered
-March 16, 2010

CWS and Parks Canada to speak at Sixth Annual Sable Island Update
-March 3, 2010

Province urged to shell out: Sewage infrastructure needed to protect shellfish industry and create new “green jobs”
-September 14, 2009

Red-listed fishery undeserving of sustainability label
Environmental groups oppose certification of harmful Canadian fishery
-July 22, 2009

SeaChoice partners with Overwaitea Food Group on bold sustainable seafood project
-June 12, 2009

Canadians invited to take the SeaChoice Sustainable Seafood Challenge this Oceans Day
-June 8, 2009

Ocean protection in Nova Scotia’s backyard lags far behind: study
-May 9, 2009
The Gap Analysis Summary is available here [pdf, 3.5 MB]

Sushi lovers can have their fish – and save them too!
SeaChoice launches Canada’s first sustainable sushi guide
April 21, 2009

Startling Discovery: Hydrocarbons really Complex Sugars
(April Fools prank from the Marine Issues Committee)
-April 1, 2009

Transport Canada Needs to Answer Questions about Negligence
-March 23, 2009


Canada must protect Atlantic sharks, turtles
-February 24, 2009

A Sea of Love:  The Ecology Action Centre and Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History Offer Rare Opportunity to Cuddle Seafloor Critters this Valentine’s Day
-February 9, 2009

New SeaChoice guide steers businesses towards better seafood labeling, helping consumers make smart choices
-January 27, 2009

How we fish matters: Addressing the Ecological Impacts of Canadian Fishing Gear
-December 15, 2008

NAFO stalls on protecting the high seas from bottom trawling
- September 26, 2008

New northern shrimp trawling certification not green enough, says conservation groups
- August 21, 2008

Canadian and U.S. Conservation Community Invites Retail Businesses to Move Forward on Sustainable Seafood Initiatives
- May 8, 2008

NAFO adopts blueprint for action to protect the high seas from bottom trawling
- May 2, 2008

Conservation Organizations call on NAFO to Protect Deep Sea Species
-May 5, 2008

SeaChoice launches Business Guide to Sustainable Seafood:, a ‘first of its kind’ resource for seafood buyers
-April 25, 2008

Future of Sable Island and Station looking much brighter: Good News Coincides with Annual Event
-March 3, 2008

Conservation groups demand withdrawal of Bill C-45
- February 13, 2007

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