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Thursday, November 01, 2018
March 23, 2017
August 5, 2016
Forest Biomass Policy and Regulation is a Biomess [MS Word Document]
-July 29th, 2010
Nova Scotia Sustainable Electricity Alliance Formed
Press Conference to be held on Tuesday, March 2, 2010
Energy from the Forest: How Green is Biomass?
-June 22, 2009
background information:
Ecology Action Centre Encourages Premiers and Governors to Cap Carbon
— September 15, 2008
Ecology Action Centre is Expecting More for Long Term Energy Efficiency
— September 10, 2008
Will Premier MacDonald Join Ontario and Quebec Cap and Trade? EAC Says a Cap on Emissions Needed to Meet Province’s Emission Reduction Target
— June 2, 2008
EAC Says it is Time for Real Solutions to Energy Costs: Rate Increase due to Fossil Fuel Reliance
— May 27, 2008
EAC Seeks to Rescue Province’s Floundering Climate Change Agenda
— May 13, 2008
(Our Backgrounder on Sustainable Prosperity and Climate Change is also available here)
EAC Response to Carbon Capture and Storage Announcement: Research Needed, But don’t Let Fossil Fuel Subsidies Come at Expense of Clean Energy Options
— April 23, 2008
EAC Urges Government to Adopt Efficiency Recommendation for Independent Energy Efficiency Agency Quickly
— April 4, 2008
Affordable Energy Group Gives Government Low-Grade on Energy Poverty
— March 25, 2008
(The 2008 Energy Poverty Report Card is also available here)
Climate Change Report details Dramatic Impacts in Canada - Government must respond with far stronger plan
— March 10, 2008
Where’s Rodney on Climate Leadership? EAC Calling on Nova Scotia to Join Provincial GHG Accord
— January 30, 2008
Atlantic Premiers Must Cap Carbon: Atlantic Coalition Calls for Climate Leadership at Premiers Meeting
— December 11, 2007
Climate Action Report Card 2007: Action Needed to Boost Nova Scotia's Climate Change Grade
— November 28, 2007
Ecology Action Centre Says Province Gambling with Renewable Target
— November 19, 2007
Ecology Action Centre Supports Government Consultation on Energy Efficiency Administration
— October 29, 2007
Ecology Action Centre Asks If Nova Scotia Will Meet Renewables Goal
— August 31, 2007
Affordable Energy Coalition releases energy poverty report card
- February 25, 2007
Ecology Action Centre calls on Nova Scotia to Re-commit to Emission Reduction Targets
- February 8, 2007
Ecology Action Centre Says Rate Decision Confuses Priorities
- February 5, 2007
Affordable Energy Coalition Applauds New Energy Efficiency Program
- January 29, 2007
Ecology Action Centre Rejects NSPI Rate Settlement
- January 21, 2007
Ecology Action Centre Won't Support NSPI Rate Increase
- January 19, 2007
EAC Response to Home Energy Efficiency Announcement - Efficiency delayed is efficiency denied
- January 16, 2007
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Thursday, November 01, 2018
Thursday, November 01, 2018