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Morris Building

In December 2009, a coalition of groups - including the Ecology Action Centre and the Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia - moved one of Halifax's oldest buildings in order to save it. The Morris Building project represents a new way of approaching the built environment. One which, while celebrating heritage values, also speaks to the enormous environmental benefits embodied in adaptive reuse of buildings and how we might address issues of energy efficiencies and sustainability through their preservation.


An introductory video produced for a lecture by Kim Thompson and Aaron Murnaghan of the Ecology Action Centre for the Heritage Canada 2010 AGM. This lecture used the Morris Project experience as a case study for how adaptive re-use and green renovation can make heritage buildings more relevant, more sustainable and more desirable.



Media Information Package: Moving the Morris House
From: The Joint Action Committee on the Morris
-January 16, 2013

IT TAKES A VILLAGE The Morris Project -- A Community Collaboration
-January 2013

Morris Project: Heritage, Environment and Supportive Youth Housing
-fall 2011

Saving the Morris Building- backgrounder (January 2010, updated March 2011)
This report by Built Environment Committee member Aaron Murnaghan provides background on the Morris building and EAC and other groups’ efforts to save it.  Included is a wealth of historical information and tentative plans for the relocation of the building.  Keeping a soundly-built, historically significant building out of a landfill is the first step in changing minds on conventional construction and demolition practices.

Save the Charles Morris Building - Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia

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