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Past Food Action Committee Projects:

Stories From The Food Movement

Stories from the Food Movement is a collection of interviews that depict the forward momentum in gardens, communities, schools, policy forums, and other arenas across Nova Scotia and South East New Brunswick, over a four year period from 2012-2016. It connects the many people and projects working at various scales to the larger food movement. Watch the series here

Food Miles

The Food Miles Project was a research, education and policy initiative that delves into the Nova Scotia food system.  We examined our current diet, made up up mainly imported food items and looking at the social, economic and environmental benefits of a more locally-based diet, with the aim of increasing awareness of the impacts of our food choices.  Please click here for a summary of the report, or download a full copy of the report.



Native Plant Pollinator Project

This project aimed to increase biodiversity in community gardens around the HRM by growing  native plants alongside our common herbs and vegetables. We worked to build knowledge and awereness of plants that are native to Nova Scotia and highlight the importance of native species on the health of natural ecosytems. To learn more about this project, click here


FAC is linked to Heliotrust, an organization whose mandate is to “explore, develop, conserve and share ecological farming systems” through actions such as farmland conservation and a farmer-mentor program.  See the Heliotrust page.

Musicians 4 Farmers is a celebration of local food, farmers and great music, with ticket sales going to support Heliotrust’s important work.



Food Policy

The food policy subcommittee of the FAC meets periodically to learn about, and act on, issues having to do with local, regional, national and global food policy. These issues often intersect with the issues taken on by other subcommittees (oftentimes, our education committee), so the makeup of this little sub-group is quite fluid.

In the past couple of years, we’ve looked at issues such as Terminator Seed technology and other GMOs.  We participated in organizing the Halifax leg of a nationwide panel on the social and environmental concerns raised by increasing agrofuels production. We have also done research on the use of biosolids in agriculture and have produced a position paper.  We are a group committed to learning as much as we can about food policy, how it impacts our and others’ food sovereignty, and how we can act to change policy.

Public Education and Outreach

Food Action Committee volunteers at the Harvest FestivalThe public education sub-committee is responsible for raising awareness of the importance of local, sustainable food choices. Our activities include movie nights, public talks, workshops, cooking demonstrations, and representing FAC at public events. We also coordinate the sales of FAC’s cookbook, Eating by the Seasons.  Past events included three very memorable Harvest Festivals.  The energetic sub-committee is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who love to promote local, sustainable food.

Clothing and Textile Action Group (CTAG)

The Clothing and Textile Action Group (CTAG) is a dynamic and organically evolving collective.  The group’s foci include examining issues of textile and clothing production, consumption and education in relation to the environment.  The scope is from local to global, affecting change on a personal and societal level.  Ongoing research, education and outreach projects keep the group vital.  For more information about this project, click here.

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