Our Food Project Team

For general inquiries email: ourfood@ecologyaction.ca. For specific inquiries, please refer to the contact info below.

  • Georgia McNeil - Food Program Coordinator (Cape Breton) - Currently on maternity leave
  • Jen Organ - Community Food Coordinator (Halifax)
  • Jody Nelson - Community Food Coordinator (Cape Breton)
  • Miranda Cobb - Research and Evaluation Coordinator, Community Food (On maternity leave until October 2018)
  • Satya Ramen - Senior Coordinator, Community Food 
  • Su Morin - Community Food Coordinator(Cumberland)
  • Aimee Gasparetto - Senior Coordinator, Community Food (Currently on maternity leave)
  • Sherry Stevenson, Research and Evaluation Coordinator 

For information on Our Food activities in Southeast-New Brunswick, please contact:

  • Jill Van Horne - Network Development Coordinator (South East New Brunswick)


Policy & Network Development

Aimee Gasparetto
Senior Coordinator, Community Food 

(902) 442-1077

For 10+ years, Aimee has been working both locally and internationally to develop community-based initiatives that promote health, challenge inequalities, and build local economies. In her role as Senior Coordinator, Community Food, Aimee works to develop program and policy initiatives that aim to enhance regional food systems and strengthen networks of food system actors at the local, provincial and national level. This includes working with partners and local communities across Halifax to  implement community food initiatives (ex. mobile food markets, urban agriculture projects) that support community economic development and build social capitol; guiding alignment and action of policy change initiatives across Halifax and Nova Scotia; and supporting regional networks of people engaged in food systems work. This includes acting as co-chair of the Halifax Food Policy Alliance, a multi-stakeholder group that works on municipal food issues for the Halifax region. When not in the office, Aimee spends as much time as possible hiking the trails and beaches of NS, practicing and teaching yoga, and exploring her love of growing and preparing good food! 


Policy & Civic Engagement

Satya Ramen
Senior Coordinator, Food Coordinator

(902) 442-1077 

Satya’s passion lies in combining community engagement, research and policy change to support civic engagement and social change for healthy, just and sustainable food systems. Her interest in social and environmental justice started over 20 years ago and has ranged from community gardens to energy efficiency and active transportation. Since first joining the Ecology Action Centre as Senior Coordinator in 2015, Satya has found her true calling as a policy geek. When not writing policy briefs, Satya is often learning and experimenting with recipes, growing, and preserving food. Satya holds a B.Sc. from Dalhousie University and a Magisteriate in Environmental Studies (Urban Planning) from York University with a focus on adult environmental education.


Leadership Development

Jen Organ
Community Food Coordinator (Halifax)

(902) 442-1077

Jen coordinates the Community Food Leader Certificate Program for organizations in Halifax, Cape Breton, and Cumberland who want to make it easier for their communities to grow, eat, and sell good food. She also supports communications activities with the @ourfoodproject. Her previous food related experience includes community food programming with the Our Food Project, children garden programming with Urban Veggies, knowledge mobilization with the Food Action Research Centre, and supporting a Community Freezer program in Nain, Nunatsiavut. She has a Degree in Outdoor Recreation and Geography with a focus on Leadership, and a Masters of Environmental Studies with a focus on community food security. Jen’s interest in food primarily stems from cultural connections between food and place and how this takes shape in the local food movement. When not at work, Jen loves to weave bright and cozy things, and visit special islands off the coast of Nova Scotia.


Research & Evaluation

Sherry Stevenson
Research and Evaluation Coordinator 
(902) 442-1077

Sherry is an experienced adult educator and community development professional with over fifteen years of experience in the non-profit sector. Having worked in international development in various regions of Africa, she has contributed to local initiatives as a facilitator, curriculum developer, and evaluator. She has led capacity-building workshops, community-based participatory research, and project evaluation, with an emphasis on action learning and sustainability. Her interest in food security stems from her experience as a market vendor and connections to organic farmers in New Brunswick. She holds an M.A. in Adult Education with a specialization in Community Development from Saint Francis Xavier University and an Honours B.A. in Human Rights & Psychology from Carleton University. Sherry brings a passion for environmental justice, experiential learning, and participatory methodologies to the evaluation work of the Food Action Team.


Miranda Cobb
Research and Evaluation Coordinator (maternity leave until October 2018)

(902) 442-1077

Miranda has a mix of skills in food systems, evaluation, and community-based research. She has a BA & Sc. from McGill in Environmental Science and International Development, a Masters from Carleton in Political Economy and a Graduate Diploma of Social Innovation in Food Systems from the University of Waterloo. As the Researcher and Evaluation Coordinator for the Our Food Project, her role is to gather evidence of impacts at various levels, from individuals to systems. She uses participatory action research methods and developmental evaluation tools to engage target communities and partners in conversations around their food system, while measuring change. She also uses storytelling as both a method and an outcome to ensure people’s lived experiences are at the forefront of the work.  She is driven by her curiosity of how food travels from earth to plate and back to the earth again and wishes to share that passion in connecting people to their food. Miranda has been a member of the Food Action Committee since moving to Halifax in  2011.



Su MorinSu Morin
Community Food Coordinator (Cumberland)

(902) 397-0022

Su was raised on a small family farm in Southern Ontario.  She holds an Honours Bachelor's degrees in in Human Kinetics and Sociology from the University of Windsor, ON, where she developed a strong commitment to environmentalism and social justice.  In her current position, Su is working on several community food projects in Cumberland. This includes the delivery of dozens of food skills workshops, supporting the development of 7 community food gardens, 7 seed saving and pollinator gardens, and the piloting of the county's first subsidized CSA local food box program.  Su is also engaged in many community capacity building activities with local food organizations and community food leaders, such as the Cumberland Food Action Network, Cumberland Farmers Markets, and more! As a recent addition to our EAC Food Committee staff, Su brings over 20 years of hands-on experience in organic gardening, community garden development and community food security work.  Some of her favourite things in life include music, being in nature, seed saving, growing food and flowers.


 Cape Breton

Jody Nelson
Community Food Coordinator (Cape Breton)

(902) 489-5634

Jody is dedicated to improving local food security and healthy eating in Cape Breton through the support of community gardens, the strengthening of local food networks, and food skills building workshops for participants, young and old. Jody also runs LocalMotive Farm, which provides the Baddeck area with a rainbow of seasonal produce. Besides experience in farming and rural enterprise, Jody brings to her work a passion and optimism for the future of Cape Breton Island. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (Plant Science) with a Specialization in Organic Agriculture, from Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture.

Georgia MacNeilGeorgia McNeil
Food Program Coordinator (Cape Breton) - Currently on maternity leave.

(902) 442-1077

A large part of Georgia’s work is around public education, and she has been supporting groups and communities to develop and deliver a variety of food and garden programs. This includes supporting the planning, organizing and building of community gardens and helping to coordinate series of food skills workshop. Georgia is also involved in strengthening the leadership and connections between different food initiatives and community food leaders around Cape Breton island. Georgia brings to this role experience developing, delivering, and managing food programs aimed at children and youth. Before food, Georgia spent a lot of time thinking about long lived birds and brightly colored fish and holds a Masters degree in Biology from McGill University.


South East New Brunswick 

In spring of 2015, the Ecology Action Centre’s Our Food Project expanded activities to include Southeast New Brunswick (SENB). The Westmorland Albert Food Security Action Group (WAFSAG), Foods of the Fundy Valley, and the Groupe de développement durable du pays Cocagne (GDDPC) co-led this work in SENB between 2015-2017. 

Today, the group formerly known as WAFSAG  has proudly taken on the Our Food SENB name, and partners closely with the United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern NB to complete The Our Food Project goals.  With other local partners and in coordination with the Nova Scotia team, Our Food SENB is building on existing networks and community food security initiatives in the region to build positive food environments. 

Jill Van Horne
Network Development Coordinator, Our Food Southeast New Brunswick

(506) 380-4371

Jill was born and raised in Northern New Brunswick, but migrated to the Southeast (SENB) over 10 years ago. Her work experience prior to Our Food SENB was primarily in the business industry but her passion has always been with food, the environment, and people. She loves playing music, being outdoors be it biking, hiking, or gardening and has been increasingly interested in making foods from scratch or experimenting with kombucha in the kitchen. She believes there is nothing better than a meal that has travelled only 20 feet from garden to table and hopes to be her own year-round vegetable producer someday. The food movement momentum has been steadily increasing in SENB over the years; the network is vast and far reaching! Jill is excited to dive deep and help boost positive food environments for all!



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