People of the Built Environment Committee


Jenny Lugar, Sustainable Cities Coordinator


Jenny returned to Halifax in 2016 after 3 years in Toronto to take up her role as Sustainable Cities Coordinator. In this role, her responsibility is to work with members, the public, government, and city staff to help make Halifax a great(er) city to live in for everybody. Her primary project right now is to see through a Halifax Greenbelt/Green Network, ensuring that our Greenbelt/Green Network will encompass things like working landscapes, agriculture, vibrant rural communities, successful tourism infrastructure, and of course, long-term implementation to go alongside the excellent land conservation that Greenbelts all over the world provide. Jenny's previous worked as a research and campaign assistant on Campaign Fairness, a non–profit in Ontario that successfully lobbied for changes to the Municipal Elections Act, banning corporate and union donations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Acadia University (’13) and a Masters in Environmental Studies (Urban Planning) (’16) from York University.


Volunteer Chair

Yvonne Macor

Yvonne MacorYvonne Macor has been involved with environmental issues for 45+ years, starting as a founding member of several environmental movements in Toronto in the ‘60s: Pollution Probe, Stop Spadina, Toronto Recycling Action Committee. Later, in Montreal, she volunteered on the Board of the Society to Overcome Pollution and worked on the Old Port of Montreal redevelopment consultation process. After a return to University to study Urban Planning, she worked as a policy planner for the City of Halifax in the ‘80s (projects included CBD office space, land use and infrastructure research, Waterfront redevelopment, and new parkland acquisition) and the City of Toronto in the early ‘90s (plan amendments for new development in the heritage university precinct). Throughout, Yvonne, as a former activist, took particular interest in public consultation programs and building co-operation between departments to resolve issues. Over the past 25 years, Yvonne also delved into natural health, psychotherapy and spirituality, mainly with the Art of Living Foundation, and became a teacher of Yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation after leaving the planning profession.  Seven years ago she returned to Nova Scotia, enjoyed rural life in Hants for a couple of years, then moved back to HRM/Spryfield area, where she’s doing some guerrilla gardening and involved in urban community development issues again with Chebucto Connections. 



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