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Ecology Action Centre Applauds Government investment in Protected Areas
-Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EAC praises designation of new Five Bridge Lakes Wilderness Area
-October 25, 2011

Tall trees

54 Groups from across NS Call for Better Forestry and Oppose Large-scale Biomass for Electricity
-April 13th, 2011

No Solid Evidence to Support Provincial Biomass Supply
-Monday, January 24, 2011

At Last: Positive Steps Forward for Nova Scotia’s Forests
-December 1, 2010

EAC's reaction to forest report
-May 12, 2010

Burning Forests Only Adds Carbon to the Air
-April 7, 2010

Historic Land Purchase Program a Huge Success!
-March 29, 2010

Ship Harbour Long Lake Wilderness Area declared protected at last!
Decade-long conservation campaign ends in victory for nature
-September 17, 2009

Environmental Groups Release Statement on Biomass Energy
-September 8th, 2009

Environmental groups protest appointment to forestry review panel: Bowater Forestry Executive in clear conflict of interest
-July 29, 2009

UARB Biomass Hearing Decision and Consequences for the Newly Formed Government
-July 22, 2009

Energy from the Forest: How Green is Biomass?
-June 22, 2009
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Ecology Action Centre welcomes results of Voluntary Planning Report on Natural Resources
-April 23, 2009

New Poll Finds Strong Support for Clearcutting Rules
—July 17, 2008

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