Projects of the Built Environment Committee

Past Projects


Morris Building

Morris BuildingIn December 2009, a coalition of groups moved one of Halifax's oldest buildings in order to save it. The Morris Building project represents a new way of approaching the built environment. One which, while celebrating heritage values, also speaks to the enormous environmental benefits embodied in adaptive reuse of buildings and how we might address issues of energy efficiencies and sustainability through their preservation. More info...


Green Buildings

The Green  Building project provides information how to build or renovate in harmony with the natural environment.  This includes holding workshops and giving tours of the Ecology Action Centre's green renovation office building.


Waste? NOT! Toolkit

Waste? Not!Construction and demolition (C&D) material makes up almost a third of all solid waste in the province. In response to this issue the Ecology Action Centre in conjunction with the RRFB Nova Scotia has just released the Waste? NOT! Toolkit a booklet and web site with practical advice for homeowners and building professionals looking for ways to reduce the amount of  C&D material going to landfills.  Download the booklet here for more information call 902-442-0300


Healthy Lawns

The Healthy Lawns ProjectBecause we believe in collaboration, and the power of numbers, EAC is an active member of Pesticide Free Nova Scotia, to work to create a Nova Scotia free of cosmetic pesticides.



Pesticide By-Law Education and Inspection Programs

The Ecology Action Centre delivered HRM’s pesticide bylaw program during the first few years the bylaw was in place.  We no longer give out permits: HRM's pesticide permits are now being administered by Clean Nova Scotia.  For more information on HRM's pesticide bylaw, please visit HRM's pesticide page.


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