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Angela with bike in the air.Some of our publication are available here.  To obtain a copy of a publication that is not on this website, please contact us at 902-429-0924.


EAC Electric Vehicle Adoption in Nova Scotia 2020-2030
-June, 2020

Active Transportation 101: Bringing AT to Your Community and Developing an AT Plan
March, 2013 (updated)

Exploring Public Transit, Region of Queens Municipality [6MB]
-April, 2011

Municipalities for Green Mobility: A guide to action on sustainable transportation in Nova Scotia [pdf, 5 MB]
-December, 2010

Which way forward? A public transit map of Nova Scotia (November 2010)

Idleless (April, 2010):

This compendium of ways to reduce idling can be of use to anyone in municipal or provincial government and deals with education, policy and regulatory issues.  It provides the benefits and potential pitfalls of each “type” of intervention as well as examples of where the intervention has successfully been implemented.

Seniors on Board: Helping Older Adults become Familiar with Public Transit and Community Based Transportation Systems (March 2010):

Shifting to Sustainable Transportation: A Sustainable Transportation Framework for HRM [pdf, 6.5 MB]
(June 2009)

EAC's Proposed Amendments to HRM by Design (April, 2009)

Green Mobility Strategy [2.39 MB] (2008)

Green Mobility Strategy - Executive Summary [7.8 MB] (2008)

A workbook for community bicycle programming in Atlantic Canada
-produced by the bike again! community program, 2005

Position Papers

EAC position on ATVs and trails
-March 3, 2010

EAC position on roundabouts and active transportation
-August 2013

EAC position on Halifax's Integrated Mobility Plan
- December, 2017

Opinion Pieces

Santa's Sustainable Transportation
December, 2008

Transportation Priorities for Sustainable Prosperity
Chronicle Herald December 2007

Putting Our Money Where Our Feet Are!
Chronicle Herald, May 2006

Public Transportation: More People Want to Go Along For the Ride
Chronicle Herald, Jan 2006

Do it all by walking the kids to school
Chronicle Herald, Sep 2005

Take a Deep Breath: You Can Make a Difference to Nova Scotia’s Smog Problem
Chronicle Herald, July 2005

Knocking the wind out of NS Smog Problem
Chronicle Herald, June  2005

Walking Uphill, Both Ways
Chronicle Herald, Sep 2004

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