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Transportation Issues Press Releases

Shutdown of Acadian Lines: An Opportunity in Disguise
-August 15, 2012

More Kids on the Street
-October 3, 2011

Reduced Speed Will Save Children's Lives
-April 19, 2011

EAC Welcomes Provincial Anti-idling By-law: Implementation and Scope will be Key
-November 27, 2010

Walking schools buses catch on during Walk to School Month
-October 6, 2010

Walking student safety: families, drivers, schools and Province have roles
-August 26, 2010

Green Mobility Funding Available
-April 26, 2010

Bus strike could create student-car conflicts
-January 7, 2009

Arts Centre and Provincial Sponsors save a trip around the equator in emissions!
-October 15, 2009

Release: Walk to school solves traffic danger, inactivity, climate change
-October 7, 2009

Traffic safety key in rush back to fall routines
-August 27, 2009

HRM Councillors granted opportunity to revise HRMbyDesign to include sustainability
-June 11, 2009

Shifting to Sustainable Transportation Partnership releases report
-June 4, 2009

EAC Wants Sustainable Buildings to be Mandatory
-March 30, 2009
Please also see EAC’s proposed amendments to HRM by Design.
For background information related to this press release, please visit theHeritage Trust and HRMbyDesign websites.

Consideration for the Future Lacking in Province’s Economic Stimulus
-March 19, 2009

Minister’s Environmental Logic Baffling
-February 13, 2009

Bus strike could create student-car conflicts
-January 22, 2009

Immediate Crisis Needs Long Term Solution: Sustainable Infrastructure is needed as we enter a Low Carbon Future
December 15, 2008

Green Mobility Funding Available: Grants are now available for rural communities and small towns to implement environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure projects.
TRAX, November 10, 2008

Students hit streets & trails for Walk to School Month
Active and Safe Routes to School, October 8, 2008

More bussing not the solution to student safety
Active and Safe Routes to School, March 24, 2008

Ottawa Sets Low Bar on Vehicle Efficiency Regulations Atlantic provinces must lead where feds lag: Ecology Action Centre
Steer Clean, January 17, 2008

Walk to School Events a Success
Active and Safe Routes to School, October 3, 2007

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