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Making Tracks helps children and youth develop active transportation skill competency, confidence and safety, encouraging them to choose active transportation as a means to travel within their communities. Learn more





Welcoming Wheels is a program that provides newcomers with cycling opportunities to increase wellness, equity, access, connectedness and environmental health. Learn more





EAC’s Pop-Up Bike Hub is a low-cost, high-impact program getting people back on bikes by providing access to bike tools and basic repairs, affordable secondhand bikes, and safe cycling education programing for youth and adults. Learn more





The Easyride e-bike initiative seeks to remove the real and perceived barriers that prevent people from commuting to work by bike. Learn more 





We Often Walk (or Wheel) - WOW is an easy way to promote regular walking & cycling. Even something as simple as designating one day a week as a walking or wheeling day helps to motivate children and youth to get moving. Entice them to walk more often by filling out their WOW cards each time they walk. Schools or groups then reward their WOW participants with recognition or prizes. Learn more





The Walking School Bus is a great way for students to travel to school. Basically, it's a group of students who regularly walk to school together, often led by adult volunteers. A Walking School Bus provides adult supervision, safety in numbers, physical activity, a great social atmosphere and fun on the way to school! Students arrive energized and ready for the day. A Cycling School Bus is a variation with bikes. Learn more





International Walk to School Month gives children, parents, school teachers and community leaders an opportunity to be part of a global event as they celebrate the many benefits of walking. Learn more





Winter is as good a time as any to walk. Schools, youth groups and others are invited to walk to school, have an intentional walk or go for a hike on Winter Walk Day. Walking is fun when you walk together. It’s good for our bodies because of the extra physical activity. It’s good for the Earth if you walk as transportation because it cuts down on the number of polluting cars on our streets. Learn more




Our free One-Metre Rule magnets can be displayed on any metal surface on the back of motor vehicles to display awareness of the One-Metre rule and commitment to sharing the road with cyclists. With the help of our many partners, EAC has distributed over 11,400 magnets to date. They are now back in stock, and available in English, Arabic, French and Mi'kmaw! Learn more.




Active Transportation 101

In addition to our child/youth active transportation (AT) initiatives above, we have a whole suite of projects and resources to help communities and municipalities further walking and cycling in Nova Scotia. They range from the Active Transportation 101 document and AT Workshops, the Active Transportaton NS newsletter, ADAPT and lots of resources. Learn more about our municipal AT projects.





The main focus of Bike Again! is to provide public education on bicycle maintenance and safety in Halifax. We deliver several programs (community repair night, bike loans, maintenance courses, bike trailers) in which the public can participate. Learn more





The aim of Go Maritimes is to provide better information to the public about bus, shuttle and train transportation options in the province. The preoject was launched in April 2015. Learn more





Our communities, our HRM, a coalition of groups from across the municipality, wants to ensure that the municipality remains a place that you, and all members of your family, want to live. Our communities, our HRM draws on sustainability minded groups from rural, suburban, and urban areas, working together for the same objective-to make certain that the communities nestled in HRM develop wisely. Learn more





Click here for a list of our past Transportation projects from the Ecology Action Centre.





Active Transportation was an EAC 2017 Provincial Election Priority.



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