Wilderness Issues Committee Publications

Position Statements

Use of Herbicides in Nova Scotia’s Forestry Industry: Ecology Action Centre Position Statement
-December 2016

Forest Biomass Energy Position Statement
-June 2010

EAC position on ATVs and trails
-March 3, 2010


Lahey forestry report: The good, the bad & the missing

EAC's response to "Good Forestry Management on Crown Land Act"

-May 15, 2012

EAC Response to Forest Industry Campaign against Steering Panel Report
-July 12, 2010

Forest Harvesting Study [pdf, 1.3 MB]
-May 20, 2010

Forest Herbicides as a Vegetation Management Tool [pdf, 192 KB]
-May 20, 2010

Natural Resources Phase II Report: Forests and Biodiversity Summary
-May 13, 2010

EAC's Stakeholder Submission, Natural Resources Strategy 2010
-October 30, 2009

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Brochure and FSC-Certified Printers & Wood Suppliers in the Maritimes
-Updated November 4, 2008

EAC review of Stora management practices
-May 18, 2007 

NSDNR Forest Disturbance Report  
-Feb 7, 2007

Compendium of critiques of NSDNR's 2007 forest disturbance report

Nova Scotia’s Forest Sustainability Regulations and Uneven-aged Forest Management: Conflicts and Opportunities EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 


Biomass destruction entirely predictable
Opinion-Editorial by Matt Miller and Ray Plourde originally published in Chronicle Herald, February 5, 2015

Biomass – No such thing as “waste wood” : op-ed
-Originally published in the Chronicle Herald, March 19, 2011

Nova Scotia achieves the worst possible scenario for forest biomass energy
-January 26, 2011

EAC Opening Statement at UARB Hearing CI 39029
-July 26, 2010
Submitted by Jamie Simpson on behalf of the Ecology Action Centre

Forest Biomass Energy Position Statement
-June 2010

Opinion-Editorial: Forest Biomass Energy – Where do we go from here?
-December 19, 2009

Recommendations to Dr. David Wheeler and the Dalhousie team on the NS Renewable Energy Strategy Interim Report
RE: forest biomass energy recommendations
-December 17th, 2009


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