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Wilderness Issues Committee Publications

A Biodiversity Act for Nova Scotia – An Overview and Recommendations
Ecology Action Centre (represented by Karen McKendry) and East Coast Environmental Law (Lisa Mitchell) have worked together to put forth recommendations for the essential elements of a Biodiversity Act for Nova Scotia. The recommendations are described in this paper: “A Biodiversity Act for Nova Scotia – An Overview and Recommendations”. 

The recommendations are based upon:

  • International and national commitments to conserve and restore biodiversity.
  • Research on biodiversity laws and similar tools from other jurisdictions (including Australia and Ontario).
  • Our professional experience in biodiversity conservation and environmental law (20+ years).
  • An examination of the report by the Biodiversity Panel of Expertise as part of the Nova Scotia Natural Resources Strategy 2010 process.
  • A series of conversations EAC and ECELAW hosted with biodiversity conservation and legal practitioners and researchers in January and February of 2019.

We are thankful to all the people working on biodiversity conservation and environmental law who shared their wisdom with us and informed this work.

Our understanding is that the Biodiversity Act will be put forward in the spring session of the provincial legislature (commenced on February 28, 2019). Unfortunately, there have been no broad stakeholder or public consultations about the Act leading up to its introduction.

Read the recommendations here.

Wilderness Committee Publications:

Position Statements

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation’s Replacement Effluent Treatment Facility Project - March 2019

Use of Herbicides in Nova Scotia’s Forestry Industry: Ecology Action Centre Position Statement
-December 2016

Forest Biomass Energy Position Statement
-June 2010

EAC position on ATVs and trails
-March 3, 2010


EAC submission to Phase One Stakeholder consultation on revising the provincial Forest Management Guide (part of Lahey Report implementation)

Lahey forestry report: The good, the bad & the missing

EAC's response to "Good Forestry Management on Crown Land Act"

-May 15, 2012

EAC Response to Forest Industry Campaign against Steering Panel Report
-July 12, 2010

Forest Harvesting Study [pdf, 1.3 MB]
-May 20, 2010

Forest Herbicides as a Vegetation Management Tool [pdf, 192 KB]
-May 20, 2010

Natural Resources Phase II Report: Forests and Biodiversity Summary
-May 13, 2010

EAC's Stakeholder Submission, Natural Resources Strategy 2010
-October 30, 2009

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Brochure and FSC-Certified Printers & Wood Suppliers in the Maritimes
-Updated November 4, 2008

EAC review of Stora management practices
-May 18, 2007 

NSDNR Forest Disturbance Report  
-Feb 7, 2007

Compendium of critiques of NSDNR's 2007 forest disturbance report

Nova Scotia’s Forest Sustainability Regulations and Uneven-aged Forest Management: Conflicts and Opportunities EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 


Biomass destruction entirely predictable
Opinion-Editorial by Matt Miller and Ray Plourde originally published in Chronicle Herald, February 5, 2015

Biomass – No such thing as “waste wood” : op-ed
-Originally published in the Chronicle Herald, March 19, 2011

Nova Scotia achieves the worst possible scenario for forest biomass energy
-January 26, 2011

EAC Opening Statement at UARB Hearing CI 39029
-July 26, 2010
Submitted by Jamie Simpson on behalf of the Ecology Action Centre

Forest Biomass Energy Position Statement
-June 2010

Opinion-Editorial: Forest Biomass Energy – Where do we go from here?
-December 19, 2009

Recommendations to Dr. David Wheeler and the Dalhousie team on the NS Renewable Energy Strategy Interim Report
RE: forest biomass energy recommendations
-December 17th, 2009


How well do you know Nova Scotia’s wilderness and the species that live there? Learn about biodiversity, protected areas, and forests in Nova Scotia. Download the Nature Connection Project here.


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