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Working Landscapes

Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation’s Replacement Effluent Treatment Facility Project (March 2019) 

Use of Herbicides in Nova Scotia’s Forestry Industry: Ecology Action Centre Position Statement (December 2016)


Landscape Connectivity

Wildlife Corridors Report for near-urban Halifax (March 2021)


EAC Response to Proposed Old Growth Forest Policy 2021 (December, 2021)

Opinion - Raymond Plourde: Time for industrial forestry to vacate Crown lands (May 2021)

EAC Review of  Nova Scotia draft High Production Forestry Discussion Paper (April 2020)

EAC Review of Nova Scotia Draft Silviculture Guide for the Ecological Matrix (March 2020)

EAC Submission to Phase One Stakeholder Consultation on Revising the Provincial Forest Management Guide (August 2019)

Lahey Forestry Report: The Good, the Bad & the Missing (September 2018)

EAC Response to "Good Forestry Management on Crown Land Act" (May 2012)

EAC Submission to Law Amendments Committee (May 15, 2012)



EAC Submission to the European Union 2030 Climate Plan Initiative re. the use of forest biomass 
-April 15, 2020

Dodge the Pellet, Spare the Forst 
Op-ed by Raymound Plourde, originally published in the Chronical Herald, February 24, 2020

Biomass destruction entirely predictable 
Opinion-Editorial by Matt Miller and Ray Plourde originally published in Chronicle Herald, February 5, 2015 

Biomass – No such thing as “waste wood” : op-ed 
-Originally published in the Chronicle Herald, March 19, 2011 

Nova Scotia achieves the worst possible scenario for forest biomass energy 
-January 26, 2011 



The Ecology Action Centre’s response to the Beaver Dam Mine Project - Dec. 17, 2021

Ecology Action Centre’s Comments on Touquoy Gold Project Site Modifications - August 13, 2021

Fifteen Mile Stream proposed gold mine project – Submit your comments by April 30, 2021



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